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Ability to schedule broadcast em...

Lindsay Rentz

Currently, we only have the ability to schedule broadcast email send date, but not time. These emails go out by defau...)

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Ability to add individual recipi...

Lindsay Rentz

Currently, broadcast emails can only be sent to groups. My suggestion is to add functionality to include individual a...)

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Vanishing confirmation messages

Ben Bronsther

One thing I love about IdeaScale is whenever you make changes as an admin, you receive a message/notification confirm...)

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Idea edit form submit button

Rajib karmaker

In my view, on the Idea edit form or any edit form, it would be better to have Update Idea or Update text in place of...)

Net Votes: 3 Number of Comments: 0

Currently active users

Su-Mari du Bruyn

Is there somewhere where I as an administrator could log in and see all of the members currently active on the platfo...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 4

Automatically Resize Logo Image


When uploading a logo under the Look and Feel section, it's hard to get it sized exactly right. Having it automatical...)

Net Votes: 7 Number of Comments: 1

Reuse / copy existing campaign

Henriette Hultmann

Option to copy old similar campaigns to avoid starting from scratch when campaigns are almost identicalšŸ˜€ )

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 0

Custom "submit" buttons

Su-Mari du Bruyn

It would be great if instead of having one standard "submit" button throughout the community, we could cust...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 2

Auto-space after at-tagging

Ben Bronsther

When you at-tag a user the cursor sits at the end of that user's name. As a result, you have to hit space to successf...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 2

Show short url in profile>Your C...

Mainul Islam

In Profile > Your Communities page, I can see list of communities I can participate. Sometimes. the community name...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 0

Visual indicator for private cam...

Mainul Islam

In idea submission form, if there were visual indicator if the campaign is private or public, would help idea submitt...)

Net Votes: 2 Number of Comments: 1

Show Idea Owner in Idea Portfoli...

Valerie Whittenhall

With the removal of the Moderation tabs there isn't an easy way anymore to see Idea Owner on the idea. You have to cl...)

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 1

Add switch that exposes "Review ...

Matt Paulson

Currently, the only way to share any constructive feedback given in review notes or comments is to have an admin expo...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 6

Build Your Own Report: Drag & Drop

Gretta Martinez

What if we created a "Build Your Own Report" (BYOR) option to replace the Reports tab with a single view that allows ...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 5

Add Last Login to the member mod...

Heather Thigpen

When reviewing a list of members from the member search, It would be nice to see the last time that member has logged...)

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 2

Batch Image Upload

Gretta Martinez

We can only currently upload one image at a time for Global and Community File Libraries. Could we create a batch ima...)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 4

@mentions in all stages

Henriette Hultmann

I would like to have the option to use (@) mentions in all stages - particularly in refine stage to give feedback to...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 8

New User First Login Experience

Ben Bronsther

On my first day here I set up my new IdeaScale account! When I went to create my account, I noticed that all new use...)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 5

Implemented Ideas Tab

Jack Carmichael

We've been discussing that it would be nice to have a page that strictly lists all the ideas that have been implement...)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 3

Option to assume verified for sp...


Scenario - I have a colleague and want to add them to a community and then upgrade them to admin.  Current workf...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 2

Voting Summary visible in Review...

Chad Oberg

People participating in Review-Assessment stages have noted that it would be useful to have a summary of the (total/u...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 4

Focus point for images

Sarah Brownrigg

It would be great to enable a 'focal point' in our images so that the responsive design guaranteed awesome results th...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 2

Custom field based moderation


Ability to automatically assign moderators based on custom field (or tag).)

Net Votes: 5 Number of Comments: 2

Add faceted search for ideas

CJ Pagtakhan

Improve the search engine to be able to search by more facets: stage, tags, net votes (popularity), volume of comment...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 4

Campaign ToS

Henriette Hultmann

I have activated ToS approval, but I'm not asked when entering the specific campaign.When submitting a new idea to th...)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 4

Funnel management

Henriette Hultmann

Idea to skip read more and view "edit" and use as template instead)

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 3

Feedback for @mention when there...

Madeline Frechette

Needing some feedback for (@)mentions when I type a name that doesn't produce any results. Right now nothing happens,...)

Net Votes: 3 Number of Comments: 0



I like to go back through the doors from whence I came.  Problem:I currently learn more via Door #1 (view full b...)

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 8

Launch Options


Can we please have a Launch Options Tab? Right now this is burred under Email I...)

Net Votes: 2 Number of Comments: 3

Save Changes versus Update Campaign


To me these two buttons: "Save Changes" + "Update Campaign" look redundant. T...)

Net Votes: 0 Number of Comments: 3



FunnelsWorkflowStageflow Can scrap stage flow? Funnels and workflow should...)

Net Votes: 7 Number of Comments: 6

Allow mentioning of groups

James Baillie

e.g. at_idea would mention all the people who had voted, commented or submitted the idea and at_ideateam would m...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 6

Conditional Selection for Custom...

Bowersox, John

When creating custom fields we would like the ability to be able to have a selection determine the next set of availa...)

Net Votes: 12 Number of Comments: 14

Allow Sorting of Ideas by Vote (...

Chris Tuttle

I've been using IdeaScale for a conference's proposed sessions, but it's incredibly frustrating that each time I retu...)

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 1

A log of any IdeaScale upgrades,...

Loe Lee

I want to know when new features and enhancements come out.)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 3

Maintain comment formatting in e...


Comments are somehow auto-reformatted in the email notificationn, stripping out any enters. This is looking very unpr...)

Net Votes: 8 Number of Comments: 1

Show "N Points to _______ Badge!

James Wirth

I get a kick out of being rewarded. Whether it's full gamification and I can exchange points earned or simply earning...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 4

History of Moderation Activity


Provide a ā€œhistory of moderationā€ screen where the moderators can make an annotation of what they did and when, to pr...)

Net Votes: 13 Number of Comments: 2

Can not disconnect "Connected De...


Can not delete or remove "Connected Devices" from Profile. Clicking on disconnect doesn't do anything, nor does it i...)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 0

Frequently logged out


I am signing in the tool using my email address (and not Facebook and some social media single sign-on) and I am freq...)

Net Votes: -1 Number of Comments: 1

User approval message identifies...

Craig Kaiser - Development

When an approve link is used to approve a new community member, the message "The user named 'login name' has been app...)

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 1

Allow adding idea submit box to ...


Allow a box to be added in the top of a wordpress site where a user can just type and submit without going to a seper...)

Net Votes: 3 Number of Comments: 0

Social Media Notification Messag...

Jonathan Brier

It would be interesting to see what kind of activity communities see if there was a way to publish posts automaticall...)

Net Votes: 6 Number of Comments: 1

automatically watch ideas you co...


People who comment on an idea can select a checkbox to watch it, but it's easy to forget to do this and some people a...)

Net Votes: 14 Number of Comments: 2

Allow sorting of Ideas according...

Craig Kaiser - Development

We would like to be able to alter the default sort order of Ideas. For example, a Custom Field could indicate a ...)

Net Votes: 9 Number of Comments: 0