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Moderation & Administration

Last Login\Access Date to Community

To meet compliance requirements for inactive users and to take action on inactive accounts in a community we would like IdeaScale to capture the last login\access date for each member of a community. The last login/Access date can be added to the Member Management and Login Report.


Awaiting Refinement
In Progress
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Moderation & Administration

Ability for ALL users to flag ideas and comments as containing SSI/FOUO, etc.

TSA is currently requesting this, but we think it could be a good gov feature to have overall. Similar to our duplicate/abuse flag, they want any user to mark others' or their own ideas and comments as SSI. There wouldn't necessarily be an approval process, just a flag that stays with the idea/comment moving forward.

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Front End Improvements

Broadcast emails: Add the number of people who clicked on a link in an email

We need feedback on emails.

This change requires that we track the email and compile statistics on the links.

Stretch goal: track how many people opened the email.

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Front End Improvements

Unique Voters

I would like to have an easier way to figure out and view/display how many unique voters voted in a campaign. Currently, I have to calculate it from the monthly activity stats by multiplying unique logins by percentage voted. It would be nice to have a presentable graphic or image.

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Front End Improvements

Add "Abstain" to voting options instead of just up or down

Give users the ability to 'abstain' from voting on a particular idea but still show the idea as voted on.


With the vast number of ideas I try to not re-read them, but if there are some that I don't feel strongly about either way I won't vote. Then they still show the vote up or vote down buttons. If there was an option to abstain (think mark as read) that would help me manage Ideascale as a user.

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Front End Improvements

Viewing attached images

Viewing an Image attached to an idea is in today's web standards -- clunky.


Clicking on the tiny textlink instead of the image thumbnail to enlarge the image should definitely be easy to fix by adding the link to the thumbnail.


Another thing is the jumping to a new page when the image is opened instead of having some basic java script image gallery type window.


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In Progress
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Front End Improvements

Auto-resize custom top bar logo to default size Implemented

Auto-resize custom top bar logo to default size similar to community logo so that image does not spill out. If large image is uploaded by mistake it prevents admin to make changes as image covers left hand community settings option there-by blocking setting path.

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Moderation & Administration

Ability to follow tags Implemented

Wouldn't it be great if we could tag or label an idea with a cetain word or topic and the idea would be routed to the person responsible for that topic...And then that person would have moderation permissions for that idea.

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Moderation & Administration

Duration-based stage automation

I think it'd be useful to have duration-based stage automation. In other words, have automation rules that admins can set up to automatically move an idea from Stage X to Stage Y after XX days of inactivity or since submission. This would help moderators in high-volume communities clear out old or inactive ideas. Our lookback notifications help on the user/submitter side, but if those users don't take action, we don't... more »