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Moderation & Administration

Add Filter Dates to Member Data Report trending idea Implemented

I'd like to see a filter date on the Member Data Report. At our organization we like to report back to leaders their team's activity in our community. Our community is over two years old now, so we are adjusting in a spreadsheet the ideas contributed by an employee each quarter. We would love to create a YTD report for this!

Front End Improvements

Knowing you need to log in to cast a vote Implemented

We've just made one of our communities public so that people are not required to log in until such time as they want to submit, comment, or vote.

In the case of submitting ideas, and commenting, there are clear calls to action - i.e. when the person clicks Submit New Idea, an alert strip appears at the top of the screen informing them of the need to log in.

In the case of voting, though, this seems very unintuitive.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Give more visibility to official responses and accepted ideas Implemented

Official responses by moderators are equiparated to other users' comments, and they are not visible in the homepage, but only in the single ideas' page.

If you accept an idea, this idea is removed from the homepage (normally used to show recent, popular or hot ideas) and hidden inside specific tabs (in review, in progress, complete). This reduce the visibility of the accepted Ideas.

Make... more »

Moderation & Administration

Templates for Refine Stage Implemented

4) The templates available for Refine Stage are limited in nature. We will like to be have access to more such templates. Also, if we spend our time and effort to draft a set of questions that we would like to standardize – how to set this as a “template” so that we can use if in any future campaign funnel stage/s we wish to use for, later. Pl see example below:

Front End Improvements

Update the assessment 3-star label in order to be a true Likert scale Implemented

Currently, the assessment 5 stars are skewed towards agreement since the 3-star label is "agree." It should be labeled "neutral" or whatever synonym you prefer. The 1-star label is "strongly disagree" and the 5-star label is "strongly agree." This would normally imply a linear growth in agreement from 1-5 with 4 star as "agree" and the 2 star as "disagree." However, the 3-star label is "agree" which causes the 1-5 growth... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow Idea Owners to Edit Ideas They Own Implemented

Loving the concept of an idea owner to designate a caretake for an idea and appreciate that the idea owner can update the stage of an idea they own. It would also help us if idea owners can edit the ideas they own. That will give them complete ownership of the idea and reduce some burden from the moderators for certain tasks.

Front End Improvements

Summary List View with Contribution Option Implemented

It would be nice to have the option to adjust the main list view on a campaign page to show less detail so that you can see more idea records per page. Similar to the Microsoft Outlook option to adjust between one-line and preview modes.

It would also be great if you could contribute funds from this summary view on the main campaign page to avoid having to click into the record and then back out to the main page.

We... more »

Moderation & Administration

Some Quick Updates on IdeaScale Implemented

Hello -

You are receiving this email because you have participated (or logged into)
the IdeaScale feedback community at

We are trying out a new process of releasing early access data (about
IdeaScale) to all the participants of the IdeaScale feedback community - We
usually post blog entries on our blog with updates (after features have gone
live.) This email is intended to give anyone... more »

Moderation & Administration

Silently Complete Profile Updates That Do Not Include Password Changes Implemented

When changes are made to the user Profile and the Password fields are left blank, the following informational dialog is displayed:

Passwords do not match. No password update made.

This message must be dismissed by the user.

If neither Password nor Password (Confirm) have been specified, I would consider this to be working as designed. The status message is not necessary. If feedback is to be provided,... more »