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Front End Improvements

Remove Lock on Campaign - Causing Confusion trending idea

If a member doesn't have access to a campaign then they won't see it on the Landing page not in the campaign drop-down on the submission form.

We had a member contact us because they saw the lock and automatically thought they couldn't submit an idea to the campaign because of it.

What reason is there for the lock to be visible? I understand that is shows it is Private but that is irrelevant to the end user if the member... more »
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Front End Improvements

Option to create @ mention submission field in ideate stage

During submission it would be extremely valuable to be able to create @ mention custom fields.

Could be used for the submitter to notify a manager - could also be an email field where the system then automatically sends a notification.

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Front End Improvements

Get rid of submit btn in header image/banner

let's utilize the blank space in this header banner.. loose the submit button... it's misaligned, looks out of place, and not needed if we keep submit btn in nav bar at all times.. also thinking about putting a submit btn form+promt below banner area above ideas.....?)

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Front End Improvements

Stage Task Reminder UI Improvement

This UI I feel has some usability issues.

The email, by default is sent to all members who have not completed their Refinement, Estimate, Pairwise, Assessment, Reviewscale or Fund tasks. In some communities, this can mean thousands of users and that's when this UI fails to meet the needs of users. It shows 30 users and fetches 30 more when load more is clicked, and the user can click on the the cross icon to exclude.... more »
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Front End Improvements

Slideview for attachments by keeping idea description separate

This is both a bug(probably) and a suggested improvement. Currently, bullet points are not always rendered in Idea Details page. This probably has something to do with the attachment image on the left.

Now, I think that this UI can be improved a little bit, and might also solve the current problem with bullet points not rendering. Truncating the description text by putting the image on the left might look nice, but not... more »
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Front End Improvements

Likert scale custom field

I would like to propose the inclusion of a Likert scale custom field option for the Idea Submission tool. I think this would be a useful inclusion when designing custom submission forms for Ideas.

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Front End Improvements

Unique Voters

I would like to have an easier way to figure out and view/display how many unique voters voted in a campaign. Currently, I have to calculate it from the monthly activity stats by multiplying unique logins by percentage voted. It would be nice to have a presentable graphic or image.

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Front End Improvements

Broadcast emails: Add the number of people who clicked on a link in an email

We need feedback on emails.

This change requires that we track the email and compile statistics on the links.

Stretch goal: track how many people opened the email.

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Front End Improvements

show the group participating in the campaign

I have a client that has lots of campaigns and each campaign is private, with permission to access and participate granted on a group-by-group basis.

It would be very good if the end-users could see who else is able to participate in that campaign: https://screencast.com/t/1gBJimHKGoz

this would promote a richer discussion amongst the colleagues and would also make people feel more comfortable about sharing information... more »
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Front End Improvements

Display results of Constraints Question in ReviewScale Stage

I noticed that upon completion of the ReviewScale stage, the Value Factor and Cost Factor data are displayed, but the Constraints data is not displayed. Why are these results absent from the "latest results" display? This would be useful to us.


screenshot of results displayed on frontend: https://cl.ly/0d0P1K1e0f32

The only place I see the constraints results displayed is here: https://cl.ly/1j3N0j3a2y0R

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Front End Improvements

Mentions and Team Roles in "My Community Activity"

To add to "My Community Activity" to get a clearer picture of what the individual is involved in, adding the following:


1. Potentially under a "News" or "Highlights" category. It would be another profile item listing their mentions on the site. Would be useful for when writing blog posts appreciating or highlighting a particular user for their contributions.

2. Adding "Team Roles", their profile could mention what... more »
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Front End Improvements

Pin Idea by Moderator to Top of Campaign Page

I Love the feature where you can pin a comment on the top of the thread. It would be super cool to be able to have a moderator pin an idea on the top of the page (different than pinned ideas at the bottom of the landing page). This would be on the Campaign page to get the attention.

I love the blue box around the comments that calls extra attention. The idea could stay pinned at the top of the page only for a period... more »