Front End Improvements

Add "Abstain" to voting options instead of just up or down

Give users the ability to 'abstain' from voting on a particular idea but still show the idea as voted on.


With the vast number of ideas I try to not re-read them, but if there are some that I don't feel strongly about either way I won't vote. Then they still show the vote up or vote down buttons. If there was an option to abstain (think mark as read) that would help me manage Ideascale as a user.

Front End Improvements

Add browsing category for Ideas with recent activity

I would like to see an "Active" category added to the section with Top Rated, Recent, Review, etc.


The list would be sorted, descending, by the date of the most recent change made to the Idea (new Comments, modification description, Status, or Moderator Comments, etc.)

Front End Improvements

Choose one: Sign In/Sign Out or Login/Logout

The user interface splits its usage for the concept of signing in and out between Login and Sign In, even on the same operation.

Example: The primary login screen, accessed via a [Sign In] button:
Login using your IdeaScale account:
[x] Stay Signed In
[Sign In]

The corresponding sign out is referred to as Logout.

I suppose my preference is for Sign In and Sign Out, because they are less jargon and more suitable for... more »

Front End Improvements

Support finding ideas with polarized support

There is a difference between an idea with a low feedback score due to few Up votes and one with strong polarization between Up and Down votes.

Polarized voting suggests an area of intense interest with the need to address opposing viewpoints and not an idea without enough support to consider. It would be very helpful to be able to find those polarized ideas.

If Popular is based upon net Feedback score, perhaps Hot... more »

Front End Improvements

Please stop using inline styles in the community page code

There are many elements in the IdeaScale-authored code for ideas communities that include element-specific inline styles. This is particularly problematic on content elements that have no specific id property defined.

It is extremely difficult to override these inline styles in any kind of general fashion. Quite some time ago, IdeaScale entirely removed the ability to use inline styles in the custom content we can... more »

Front End Improvements

Hide Voting "Box" if Voting is Disabled

In some of our campaigns, "popularity" or voting is not relevant or part of the workflow. I think that's why the option to disable voting is there. Our community members report that it's confusing to see the box that reads "voting disabled". Why not just hide the box if a campaign is set up without voting. Campaign participants won't miss or be confused by what they can't see?