Front End Improvements

Auto fill custom drop down fields Implemented

Currently we have some custom fields (drop down fields) which are VERY long. It would be nice to be able to simply "type in" what your looking for and it would auto fill the field from the drop down list. With a list of about 100 options in the drop down, to have to go through the entire list.

Front End Improvements

Summary List View with Contribution Option Implemented

It would be nice to have the option to adjust the main list view on a campaign page to show less detail so that you can see more idea records per page. Similar to the Microsoft Outlook option to adjust between one-line and preview modes.

It would also be great if you could contribute funds from this summary view on the main campaign page to avoid having to click into the record and then back out to the main page.

We... more »

Front End Improvements

Additional Voting Schemes Implemented

An additional voting scheme might be very useful, especially for public challenges like ours: a basic "like" option, like Facebook, with no "dislike" to vote down. Turns out the "disagree" opportunity has gotten a little nasty in a few cases. Some people are very competitive.

Front End Improvements

Automatic follow idea when post comment Implemented

In our community we have a lot of people who post comments at idea to get a discussion started. The problem is that when an user post a comment, but doesn't click on "follow" option, he doesn't receive an update if the discussion continues.

Wouldn't it be easy as a rule, that when a user posts a comment, he/she is automatically following that idea? To my opinion it is lowering the barrier and improving the interactivity... more »

Front End Improvements

Knowing you need to log in to cast a vote Implemented

We've just made one of our communities public so that people are not required to log in until such time as they want to submit, comment, or vote.

In the case of submitting ideas, and commenting, there are clear calls to action - i.e. when the person clicks Submit New Idea, an alert strip appears at the top of the screen informing them of the need to log in.

In the case of voting, though, this seems very unintuitive.... more »

Front End Improvements

Annotations (formerly known as the The Super Comment) Implemented

Give Moderators the ability to promote a Comment from the Comment stream to be part of the idea detail. Thinking about Moderators that want to communicate to Members that an idea has (or has not) moved forward. This selected comment would be "elevated" by a Moderator. Any comment from any Member could be elevated, not just from Moderators. This feature will be open ended so it could also be used if you have a great... more »

Front End Improvements

Count "I agree" and "I disagree" votes separately Implemented

Hi there!

We would like to see the feature in IdeaScale, to be able to count the "I agree" and "I disagree" votes for an idea separately. Right now, there is just one counter beeing increased by "I agree" votes and decreased by "I disagree" votes. However, seeing the number of up and down votes separately would make it for me a lot easier to see if an idea is really "not liked" or people just don't care etc.

Thanks!... more »

Front End Improvements

Option to rate an idea instead of only agree/disagree Implemented

For example
Ideascale is used for feature requests by software companies.

I'd like to be able to give feature request A, one star, for it's a feature I'd welcome.

I'd like to be able to give feature request B, FIVE stars, for I'd do all kinds of silly things naked to get THAT kind of functionality in the program.

I'd like to be able to give feature request C, minus one star, for I don't think that feature should... more »

Front End Improvements

Categories All Ideas should be "Home/All Ideas" Implemented

The categories top item is "All Ideas", but many users do not understand that is also the way to find the home page information.


Normally the banner at the top is used as the home, but in the customization case this really does not work well unless a div could be created for the area left of the name and login text.


Any thoughts for a better way to navigate home?