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Add Filter Dates to Member Data Report trending idea

I'd like to see a filter date on the Member Data Report. At our organization we like to report back to leaders their team's activity in our community. Our community is over two years old now, so we are adjusting in a spreadsheet the ideas contributed by an employee each quarter. We would love to create a YTD report for this!

Moderation & Administration

Member management for campaign moderator and group campaign moderator

In a large complex community with many campaigns running simultaneously - it would be very beneficiary to give Campaign moderators and Group Campaign moderators the ability to process member management. I.e. creating groups, allocations etc. this should include allocation of all community members

Moderation & Administration

Automation builder from Custom fields

Could we have the function Automation builder extended to assign idea owners from a rule created by custom fields.


Idea submitter selects A in submission - Idea is assigned to Reviewer no 1

Idea submitter selects B in submission - Idea is assigned to Reviewer no 2

Idea submitter selects C in submission - Idea is assigned to Reviewer no 1, 3 and 4

Moderation & Administration

Better analytics and metrics

Please provide better analytics and metrics.

1. I would like to know how many people click through to the log-in page but are then lost.

2. I would like to know how many people have viewed the ideas. The current metrics for this are relatively useless in that I have no way of knowing if 30 views during a 30-day campaign are coming from 1 person visiting daily for the 30-days of the campaign, or 30 people visiting once.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Reports and Charts

Ideascale already has charts but I need more specific data for goal statements, the main charts that I think would be good for the community are about ideas entered per department per year, ideas approved per department & year, ideas implemented per department & year (attached file).

Moderation & Administration

Idea "Snooze"

We clicked the “snooze” idea for a couple and selected for tomorrow. What should we expect to happen? Are we going to receive a reminder or does the idea displays in the search results again tomorrow?

The undo button disappears way too quickly and does not allow the user to undo.

Ideally, display a log so we know what was snoozed because the user may want to temporarily snooze and not wait until tomorrow to find their... more »

Moderation & Administration

Conditional Selection for Custom Fields Selected

When creating custom fields we would like the ability to be able to have a selection determine the next set of available selections and so on down the tree.




Categories > One, Two

Locations > ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL


Selecting Category One only allows the user to select from Location ABC or DEF. Selecting from Category Two only allows the user to select from Location GHI or JKL.

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