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Moderation & Administration

Group Management

This is with regards to Group Management- I would be more than happy to get on a call with you or any tech POC from ideascale and explain my suggestions.

1. Only 10 groups can be seen at a time, so if the desired group is on page 4 then you have to click 4 times and reach the desired group – Suggestion - you can increase the limit, there is a lot of place on the page to accommodate a larger list

2. After reaching the... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Duration-based stage automation

I think it'd be useful to have duration-based stage automation. In other words, have automation rules that admins can set up to automatically move an idea from Stage X to Stage Y after XX days of inactivity or since submission. This would help moderators in high-volume communities clear out old or inactive ideas. Our lookback notifications help on the user/submitter side, but if those users don't take action, we don't... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Make private ideas public for admins

Would love an option to change ideas from private to public. When you are willing to disclose you can. If you have any engagement in mini competition and would like to reveal the ideas to all after for voting.

Cloning doesnt count because it doesnt clone refine stage data. So you loose all the data they wrote to their private ideas.

Ps: Team funnel stage creates teams but they have no way of communicating inside the... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Reports and Charts

Ideascale already has charts but I need more specific data for goal statements, the main charts that I think would be good for the community are about ideas entered per department per year, ideas approved per department & year, ideas implemented per department & year (attached file).

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Moderation & Administration

Campaign specific profile question

SInce we do challenge specific campaigns often with manual groups - there is a lot a manual work in adding new members to groups.

My suggestion is to give the option to enable a campaign specific profile question - that would automatically add the person to a campaign group.

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Moderation & Administration

Auto-detect similar ideas without searching and auto-extract themes for visual

it would be helpful if the tool can auto-detect similar ideas based on the input by the idea submitter. This would lower the burden and time spent on research for submitters while reducing duplicative ideas. also helpful if the tool can extract themes (NLP topic modeling) and generate visuals showing statistics based on themes

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Moderation & Administration

Separate abuse notification thresholds for ideas/comments

I'd like to configure different reporting thresholds, as ideas are more visible than comments and thus receive different volume of abuse reports.


I don't know exactly what the current threshold is that causes 'active' ideas to turn into 'pending' ideas, but I'd like to configure this in the same way that reported comments appear in the admin panel.

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Moderation & Administration

Show how many users have subscribed to broadcast email.

Community administrator can set default broadcast preference for new members but later user has ability to disable broadcast subscription from profile section. It would be helpful for administrator to know updated information on number of broadcast subscriber just like our current digest subscriber option (refer attachment) It would help us troubleshoot when number of broadcast email sent from broadcast email log does... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Measuring User Sentiment

Reporting information from Ideascale on a deeper level is something Amway is interested in. We'd like to understand a user's sentiment- the way a user feels as they are submitting ideas or comments. Maybe this could be read through their tone, but that isn't very concrete and useful. This level of reporting would add a deeper understanding as to why the user posted an idea or comment. Normally this can be measured in... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Overriding group settings

Apparently all members that are in a random group with the selected group settings "This group may never submit, irrespective Global, Campaign, and stage settings, cannot submit comments in any group regardless settings.

Would it be possible to limit the selected settings to the particular group and not other groups that the member is part of?

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Moderation & Administration

Include moderator and admin roles in exports

Ideally exports with member data would include admin, custom admin, and moderation assignments for each community member.

Currently we allow for "include groups" on the IdeaScale Member Data Export, the new setting could be a switch similar to this. In the export there would be a column for "assignments" including admin, custom admin, global moderator, campaigns the individual moderates, and groups they moderate. It... more »
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Moderation & Administration

SalesForce integration to support exporting ideas with Intellectual Property to IPFolio

We have recently started using IdeaScale and are noticing that many of the ideas being submitted had potential Intellectual Property. We use a 3rd part called IPFolio to manage Invention Disclosure Forms (IDF) and also to file patents, etc. Ideally we would like a way to integrate IdeaScale and IPFolio both to create IDF entries in IPFolio, but also to update status from IPFolio in IdeaScale.


Current process is that... more »