Front End Improvements

Introduce additional division options in the stage funnel

I'm building a very complex stage funnel with many stages and functionalities. I love the feature that you can drag stages to visually indicate separation between groups of stages / front and back end.

Would it be possible to give the option to set even more separations - maybe even with a group heading?

Front End Improvements

A way to create FOMO?

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out.  A colleague told me that some news sites like the Wall Street Journal will let you see part of a story and then it fades out and you are given the option to read the rest by registering or logging in.  For our current campaign, people can view posted ideas in their entirety but cannot comment on them or post new ideas without registration.  I wonder if this method of allowing people to see... more »

Front End Improvements

Undo option

This came up when customizing an idea submission form. A custom field was removed inadvertently, and because it was a mistake, the admin wasn't sure which field was missing. An undo button would make a mistake quick to rectify.

I think an undo feature would be helpful in a lot of areas of our software: editing a campaign, editing an idea submission form, editing a funnel, changing customization settings, updating community... more »

Front End Improvements

Ability to schedule broadcast email send time Selected

Currently, we only have the ability to schedule broadcast email send date, but not time. These emails go out by default at 2am when scheduled. The only way to send during the day, is to use the "send now."

Ideally, we would like to have these emails received during work hours. Our suggestion is to allow the admin to schedule date and time.

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Front End Improvements

Be more clear about when a submitter is anonymous

Front end users are told they can submit anonymous comments but when they look at their comments they can still see their name. This can cause concern since there is no way for them to verify whether their post or comment was submitted anonymously and may keep them from posting, or make them delete their post.

There should be some way that submitters can confirm that their post/comment was submitted anonymously. For... more »