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Front End Improvements

Vanishing confirmation messages Selected

One thing I love about IdeaScale is whenever you make changes as an admin, you receive a message/notification confirming that the change you made was successful. This helps assure that whatever change you made actually took effect. One small refinement idea here, though. The only way to remove these confirmation notifications is by Xing them out. To me, it'd make sense if these messages automatically disappeared after... more »

Team Building

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Build Team
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Front End Improvements

Screen Shot - Simple Add to Comments


My team seems to remember a time when they could simply add a screen shot to the comment. So, when they are discussing an area of the website, they could easily do a screen shot (using snip or copy to clipboard) and paste it INSTEAD of having to save the image and attach it as a screen shot. This would make life easier for everyone.

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Moderation & Administration

Option for sending custom e-mails when the idea enters to the next stage

Option for sending custom e-mails when the idea enters to the next stage in a particular campaign
This email trigger feature could be integrated into stages settings or an action item in the Automation builder
(The campaign user group is different - why use the same message for all)
Request from Elsevier

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Stage End Dates and Timeline

New Stage type that is private. Only viewable by specified people/groups trending idea

We have a need to keep specific ideas hidden from the community and even the campaign that they were entered in. Keeping in unapproved is not an option as that becomes cumbersome to manage very quickly. Even using tags.


Ideally a stage where viewing can be restricted to specific users or user groups would allow us to move specific ideas, for instance that need to be analyzed for things like trade secret information,... more »


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Front End Improvements

Google Maps integration for custom location fields in the Idea Submission forms

I think it would be great to include the integration of Google Maps for physical locations. Google Maps has a rich database of physical addresses that Users can reference from in Submission forms.

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Moderation & Administration

Automatic reminder for unverified Users to complete the registration process

It would be useful for the platform to send a reminder to Users that they need to complete the registration process in order to participate in campaigns, etc.

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Front End Improvements

Likert scale custom field

I would like to propose the inclusion of a Likert scale custom field option for the Idea Submission tool. I think this would be a useful inclusion when designing custom submission forms for Ideas.

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Front End Improvements

Allow ALL votes to remain when moving ideas from one campaign to another

We move quite a few ideas because they are submitted to the wrong campaign. Because of this, if an idea was in the voting stage in the original campaign and then moved, the votes cast in the first campaign are not counted in the vote box.

We need to count ALL votes not matter what campaign they were cast in. Even if we were given a choice when changing campaigns that asked "Do you want to keep all votes and have them... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Ranking expected response type

We would like to be able to ask a question where the options are pre determined and the person who is answering the question can then rank them (drag and drop) in order of preference.

If we for instance provide a list of various stakeholders, the idea submitter can order them from who they believe will be most impacted to least impacted by dragging and dropping each of the options, to reorder them.

When creating an... more »
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Moderation & Administration

Ability for ALL users to flag ideas and comments as containing SSI/FOUO, etc.

TSA is currently requesting this, but we think it could be a good gov feature to have overall. Similar to our duplicate/abuse flag, they want any user to mark others' or their own ideas and comments as SSI. There wouldn't necessarily be an approval process, just a flag that stays with the idea/comment moving forward.

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Moderation & Administration

Reports and Charts

Ideascale already has charts but I need more specific data for goal statements, the main charts that I think would be good for the community are about ideas entered per department per year, ideas approved per department & year, ideas implemented per department & year (attached file).

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Moderation & Administration

Allow setting image focal points

It would be great if campaign administrators were able to select a focal point after uploading the Campaign banner image, so that when the image is auto aligned to the element / view port, the focal point is clearly visible.

I am attaching 4 images to assist with my explanation.

Preview 1 shows the chalk board with the duster and chalk clearly visible, as reflected in the campaign banner image library on the platform.... more »