Front End Improvements

Idea Visibility Based on Stage

Having full flexibility of when an idea is seen by members and the public can cover more use cases than are currently covered.

There are times where campaign staff want to moderate, collaborate, and assess ideas before opening them for members and the public to see, or hidden during a stage during the workflow process. Currently we can make an idea private. Unfortunately, this limits who can view an idea through the... more »

Front End Improvements

Ability to Un-clap

I am an administrator for the Coast Guard's [email protected] community. We would like the ability to "un-clap" ideas. Our community has high visibility in the Coast Guard and we have several experts engage in our community and a clap on an idea is often interpreted as an endorsement of an idea. For example, we have an annual campaign to collect ideas for R&D projects and the ideas submitted are reviewed by subject matter... more »

Front End Improvements

View more than one per campaign on the home page trending idea

Right now in IdeaScale you can see either 1 campaign or all campaigns. What if you could select which few campaigns you wanted to view in a list? Perhaps you want to see the ideas from three public campaigns mingled together?

Front End Improvements

Update the assessment 3-star label in order to be a true Likert scale trending idea

Currently, the assessment 5 stars are skewed towards agreement since the 3-star label is "agree." It should be labeled "neutral" or whatever synonym you prefer. The 1-star label is "strongly disagree" and the 5-star label is "strongly agree." This would normally imply a linear growth in agreement from 1-5 with 4 star as "agree" and the 2 star as "disagree." However, the 3-star label is "agree" which causes the 1-5 growth... more »

Moderation & Administration

Auto-detect similar ideas without searching and auto-extract themes for visual

it would be helpful if the tool can auto-detect similar ideas based on the input by the idea submitter. This would lower the burden and time spent on research for submitters while reducing duplicative ideas. also helpful if the tool can extract themes (NLP topic modeling) and generate visuals showing statistics based on themes

Moderation & Administration

Campaign specific profile question

SInce we do challenge specific campaigns often with manual groups - there is a lot a manual work in adding new members to groups.

My suggestion is to give the option to enable a campaign specific profile question - that would automatically add the person to a campaign group.

Front End Improvements

Option to create @ mention submission field in ideate stage

During submission it would be extremely valuable to be able to create @ mention custom fields.

Could be used for the submitter to notify a manager - could also be an email field where the system then automatically sends a notification.

Front End Improvements

Remove Lock on Campaign - Causing Confusion

If a member doesn't have access to a campaign then they won't see it on the Landing page not in the campaign drop-down on the submission form.

We had a member contact us because they saw the lock and automatically thought they couldn't submit an idea to the campaign because of it.

What reason is there for the lock to be visible? I understand that is shows it is Private but that is irrelevant to the end user if the member... more »