Idea Details Release & Feedback

Idea Details Release & Feedback

Help us iterate on our recent Idea Detail release. The changes we have made are based on the feedback of many of our customers and end-users, but we would still like to hear more.

Let us know:

  • How has this impacted your community?
  • What would be good next steps?
  • What small improvements can you spot?

Our team will review and discuss every idea with you, so please feel free to submit observations that aren't fully formed ideas. Discussions around things like "I still can't quite do this like I want" are just as valuable as the ideas themselves!

Great! That's us done talking! You can submit by hitting the big submit button in the top right and/or scroll down to see the ideas we've already received. We can't wait to hear from you!

Idea Details Release & Feedback

We're looking for ideas big and small.

Thank you very much for accessing our campaign! Please submit whatever idea is on your mind. Even if it isn't quite fully formed yet, we love the discussion around our product and often half-baked ideas can grow into great solutions through commenting and discussion!

Submitted by (@jamesbaillie)
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Idea Details Release & Feedback

Vote activity module is not having impact on idea detail page

Vote activity module is not having impact on idea detail page


I would like to have an option to hide voter's list as in old UI.

Submitted by (@shoyab1)

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