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Community Development

Export Votes by Group

We use our community to gather voting from three separate groups (public, jury, staff). The end result is to create an aggregate score with a different weighting for each of the groups. It would be great if we could export data and have votes already aggregated by group. As is now we have to do a fairly heavy manual process to combine these votes per idea to each group.

Submitted by (@nten00)


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Community Development

Bulk Re-Send Verify Email

For users who have been uploaded in bulk, a verify email is automatically sent.


But if users needs to be followed up, and encouraged to verify, it seems Admins can only send a verify email one at a time.


It would be good to be able to re-send verify emails in bulk.

Submitted by (@andrewnelson)


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Community Development

Social Logins Ask Too Many Permissions

The social login options are great. However, they ask for way too many permissions (post to feed, see friends, etc). In addition, there isn't an option to revoke the permissions and still continue (its either all or nothing).


Low complexity (merely a configuration of the integration settings).

Submitted by (@robhoehn)


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Community Development

What do you need to know when you log into your IdeaScale?

Hi IdeaScalers!

Loe here, IdeaScale's trusty Product Manager.


I want to know everything about your IdeaScale experience.


What do you love about IdeaScale?


What do you not love as much?


What do you need when you first log into IdeaScale?


Comment to let me know or email me at [email protected]


Happy innovating!



Submitted by (@loelee)


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