Front End Improvements

Add "Abstain" to voting options instead of just up or down

Give users the ability to 'abstain' from voting on a particular idea but still show the idea as voted on.


With the vast number of ideas I try to not re-read them, but if there are some that I don't feel strongly about either way I won't vote. Then they still show the vote up or vote down buttons. If there was an option to abstain (think mark as read) that would help me manage Ideascale as a user.

Moderation & Administration

Some Quick Updates on IdeaScale Implemented

Hello -

You are receiving this email because you have participated (or logged into)
the IdeaScale feedback community at

We are trying out a new process of releasing early access data (about
IdeaScale) to all the participants of the IdeaScale feedback community - We
usually post blog entries on our blog with updates (after features have gone
live.) This email is intended to give anyone... more »

Moderation & Administration

Silently Complete Profile Updates That Do Not Include Password Changes Implemented

When changes are made to the user Profile and the Password fields are left blank, the following informational dialog is displayed:

Passwords do not match. No password update made.

This message must be dismissed by the user.

If neither Password nor Password (Confirm) have been specified, I would consider this to be working as designed. The status message is not necessary. If feedback is to be provided,... more »

Moderation & Administration

Custom Fields need to be editable and have separate CSS Implemented

I've been playing around with Custom Fields (for consideration in actual implementation) and have found them to be too limited at this point to be practical, especially since I can't control the way they look via CSS. Also, if I make a mistake (or the customer makes a mistake or typo) there is no way to correct it without blowing away (losing) the whole idea. So the moderator really needs to be able to have a way to... more »

Moderation & Administration

Poker Chip Style Voting Implemented

Many customers have asked for "Poker Chip" style voting whereby each user in a community is limited in the number of votes they can allocate to an idea. This is especially ideal for product development, whereby it can be difficult to ascertain from your audience which product/feature idea is most important to your user base.

This is what we have in mind:
-Add vote breakdown so the community can see if an idea is popular... more »

Front End Improvements

Add browsing category for Ideas with recent activity

I would like to see an "Active" category added to the section with Top Rated, Recent, Review, etc.


The list would be sorted, descending, by the date of the most recent change made to the Idea (new Comments, modification description, Status, or Moderator Comments, etc.)

Moderation & Administration

Enable automatic tracking of all new Ideas Implemented

As a moderator, I would like to track the comments made on all Ideas. A setting that permits me to opt *out* of tracking on a case-by-case basis rather than requiring opt *in* on each new Idea would permit this.

This also might be a desirable option for general users, but I can see how the email volume could be extreme in the case of large, highly-active communities. Perhaps it would be a configurable setting whether... more »

Moderation & Administration

Provide direct hyperlink to the Idea in every notification email Implemented

A link to the actual Idea for which a notification is being sent should be the first hyperlink in every notification email message.


At present, new Ideas requiring Approval do not include such a link. I find myself accidentally Approving Ideas when what I though I was doing is opening the Idea (for example, to establish Tracking for myself).


Make the first link always do the same thing.