Front End Improvements

Allowing Members to Create Their Own Assessments/Polls

This feature would allow members (not administrators) to create their own assessments and polls for their own ideas. This way, additional details and feedback would be provided, and admins would not need to create individual assessments themselves.

Our company is seeking this feature in order to gain more information about the level of interest in ideas among members. The number of upvotes is not enough information for... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add ability to create end dates for each stage of a campaign Implemented

We currently only have the ability to add one end date on a campaign. However, most campaigns are phased, and those phases have different deadlines. For instance, the ideation portion of a campaign often closes when review starts. Sometimes, ideation closes and voting and commenting stay open. To support these intermediary deadlines, admins have to set themselves reminders to make manual tweaks to the campaign, i.e. shutting... more »

Moderation & Administration

Review Scale accessible to moderators trending idea

Currently review scale result features are only available for administrators - in order to get the full potential and efficiency in using review scale it would be great if the ReviewScale dashboard could be accessible in full for the moderators / campaign administrators

Moderation & Administration

Locking Profile

For our community we have setup the Access Restrictions so only people with e-mail addresses in the domain can create an account. In some testing yesterday it was discovered that people can edit their own profile and add a new address from another domain (eg gmail), they can then set that as a primary address and delete the blah domain address. Is there anyway to lock the profile so this cannot be changed.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Show optional questions in Member Registration Form

The problem is that it is not possible to show OPTIONAL questions in Member Registration Form.

When in "Edit Member Profile Question", the "Required" ON/OFF functionality is available only when "Show in Registration Form" functionality is OFF.

And we really need to have the possibility to OFF the Required functionality when "Show in Registration Form" functionality is ON to be capable to have optional questions in... more »

Moderation & Administration

Merging tags Implemented

I'd like to be able to take a tag and convert all existing uses of that tag to another tag. For example, say there are 20 tags using "Team" and 5 using "Teaming". To provide a more relevant tag clound, as a moderator, I'd like to be able to normalize this in one easy step by changing all the "Teaming" tags to "Team".

Front End Improvements

New User First Login Experience Selected

On my first day here I set up my new IdeaScale account! When I went to create my account, I noticed that all new users have to designate what time zone they sit in, The drop-down box to select your time zone features many, many cities to choose from. It'd be a smoother first time login experience if the various cities were grouped into more generalized time-zone clusters. For example, there were many EST cities to... more »

Team Building

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Moderation & Administration

Add/manage funnels from within campaign

This is more an observation rather than a suggestion - When creating a new campaign I was not expecting to need to first add a funnel elsewhere. I was expecting to create the funnel as part of the workflow of creating that campaign.

After creating the new funnel elsewhere I launched the campaign and submitted a new idea to it but forgot to assign the newly created funnel to the campaign.

That being said, the concept... more »

Front End Improvements

Have moderate idea link open upwards Implemented

When the moderate idea link below the CTA block is at the bottom while scrolling the page, open the stages dropdown upwards since our current dropdown is not dynamic & does not fit in the display if opened downwards. (Just like our campaigns or tags dropdown on idea submission form) Please refer the screenshots attached for more details

Front End Improvements

Track community trolls Implemented

In our IdeaScale community there seems to be some community trolls that actively "flag" other participants' comments as inappropriate, even though they are not. This creates extra work for our moderators as they need to review these flagged comments and return those to the platform. I'd like to send private messages to these active flaggers and remind them about the guidelines in the community and tell them not to flag... more »