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Front End Improvements

Support Center Redesign Implemented

I do not think the support center accurately reflects the capabilities of our product or how to deploy them. Let's redesign the support center to not only explain functionality and how-it-works, but to demonstrate why the features and functionality are helpful and important to use.

We should come up with or rethink the following answers for each topic/ feature in the support center:

What is it?
What does it do?
Why... more »

Front End Improvements

User-tagging (@) functionality for private comments (e.g. Team) Implemented

We would like to have a user tagging functionality (@) available for all comments tab!


E.i. not only "Community" comments, but also for "Team" and all other private comment tabs.


Please, support this!

Front End Improvements

"I agree" radio button instead of checkbox on T&Cs Implemented

I've heard a complaint from a couple customers that the checkbox on the T&Cs isn't noticeable enough for their users. I wanted to post this here to get the crowd's feedback.

Moderation & Administration

Allow drilldown to member activity pages from Member Management Implemented

Presently it is possible to drill down into the member activity page for a community member wherever they have contributed to an idea. However, if you don't know where a member might have provided some content, or if they have not, it is impossible to reach their activity page.

We also cannot get to the member activity page for a member directly from the administrative interface. Please provide the same drilldown access... more »

Front End Improvements

Add "date" datatype for custom fields Implemented

As a moderator, I would like to record the date that an idea has been matured and accepted by our Innovation Management Team to initiate a project for implementation.


Also suggest to have a "date picker" feature available for entering the date.

Front End Improvements

Controlling the Toggling of Moderation Implemented

The language used to toggle between "Moderation" and "Normal" modes is confusing.

Please consider that "Moderation" mode is either "on" or "off".

One user friendly toggle method would be radio buttons with the choice of "on" or "off" and the currently enabled mode checked. Please see the attached image for an example of how this could look.

Alternatively, the toggle could easily be represented by changing the language... more »

Front End Improvements

Changing Avatar for Global IdeaScale Profile Implemented

Previously, we can change our avatar for IdeaScale and other communities (Global IdeaScale Profile) via Gravatar.


After the Avatar feature was implemented, i had changed a new avatar via the 'upload new image' function, but somehow or rather my Gravatar image overrided this setting although it has been saved. Hence i am not able to update my avatar, and still does not work after I deleted my Gravatar account.

Front End Improvements

Preserve line breaks in email activity messages Implemented

Whitespace is an important part of communications. When email messages for idea activity are produced, the entire message is reduced to one paragraph. This descreases the effectiveness of the communication.

Any linebreaks in text and comments should be preserved in email notifications for these items.