Moderation & Administration

Reporting capability for offensive behaviors

Provide a "Report' feature for every comment, Contribution and user profiles that allows any User to point out content, contributions, postings or messages that the User regards as offensive or otherwise damaging and allows moderators to decide the course of action. The functionality would help the community to self police behaviors on the community. The functionality would reduce liability of community operators.

Front End Improvements

Provide more feedback when approving or rejecting links

I share responsibilities with another moderator to approve new Account requests and new Idea submissions that require approval. It is very hard to figure out where one person left off, and where to resume.

I've noticed lately that the links provided in the email notifications expire very quickly. That is frustrating, but more frustrating is that I don't seem to be able to find out whether a particular account or idea... more »

Front End Improvements

Support finding ideas with polarized support

There is a difference between an idea with a low feedback score due to few Up votes and one with strong polarization between Up and Down votes.

Polarized voting suggests an area of intense interest with the need to address opposing viewpoints and not an idea without enough support to consider. It would be very helpful to be able to find those polarized ideas.

If Popular is based upon net Feedback score, perhaps Hot... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign Backups for inadvertently deletions

IdeaScale should offer campaign backup service to provide a recovery mechanism for campaigns that are inadvertently deleted.

As part of our risk management and continuity of operations plan we identified what we consider a major risk. If a campaign, active or inactive is deleted by an admin their is not an ability to recover. Ideas and the campaign configuration are lost. Organizations can limit SOP's and separation... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderator comment before approving for community view

In a community that has comment moderation it would be helpful to have the ability for moderators to comment to the poster.

Currently moderators can approve a post or deny a post. In a situation such as government there are posts that mix good ideas with political statements. It would be helpful if moderators could inform poster that their post does not conform to the terms they have agreed to and they have two options... more »

Moderation & Administration

Administrative access - restriction required

The person /s designated as Administrator of any site get unlimited access and permissions by default - they are members of all "Groups" can view and post into any and all campaigns etc. This is not correct. Also the Administrative permissions are assigned to the users ID with which they sign in - e.g. as we have implemented SSO - as son as I sign into ideascale I am able to do almost anything (except testing of conditions... more »

Front End Improvements

Logout should direct to global logout not community logout when user is a member of multiple communities

Now when a user login from global login it redirects to the Your Communities page. From then they can select the community they want to go if they are member in a multiple communities. After selecting that community they ended up on that community page. But when they logout from there they end up on community logout page. with no opportunity to select another community to login to.
Work around My community menu to switch... more »

Moderation & Administration

Flow chart

The clients with the most success have a well structured innovation program in which they plan how they will evaluate ideas, who will evaluate ideas, and what is the fate of ideas based on different outcomes, scores, etc. These clients usually do this with a flow chart.


I would love to have a tool integrated into IS for admins/moderators that empowers them to make flowcharts.