Moderation & Administration

Campaign Backups for inadvertently deletions

IdeaScale should offer campaign backup service to provide a recovery mechanism for campaigns that are inadvertently deleted.

As part of our risk management and continuity of operations plan we identified what we consider a major risk. If a campaign, active or inactive is deleted by an admin their is not an ability to recover. Ideas and the campaign configuration are lost. Organizations can limit SOP's and separation... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow Video (iframe) Embedding in 'Homepage'

The 'Homepage' Section under the Look&Feel is too restricted.

No Javascript is allowed and object and iframe tags are filtered for 'security reasons' (?!?!?!?!).

At least allow embedding of videos (youtube, vimeo) and images into the homepage header via object, iframe & img tags.

Custom CSS restriction in the SMB license is one thing but not even being allowed to add a simple image or video into the existing homepage... more »

Front End Improvements

Be more clear about when a submitter is anonymous

Front end users are told they can submit anonymous comments but when they look at their comments they can still see their name. This can cause concern since there is no way for them to verify whether their post or comment was submitted anonymously and may keep them from posting, or make them delete their post.

There should be some way that submitters can confirm that their post/comment was submitted anonymously. For... more »

Moderation & Administration

Further Breakdown of Score reports

There should be a way to generate an excel report that shows the total value score and/or impact ratio given by each reviewer for reach idea. The general excel report summary only includes L/M/H scores for each reviewer and one total value/impact score for each idea. It doesn’t break the value/impact scores down by reviewer.

Front End Improvements

Use Display Name as @mention Name/username

I find that the difference between these two names is confusing for customers, even ones with an understanding of the product and someone to explain it to them (us Innovation Architects). Is there something preventing us from simply using the display name as the @ mention name? This is the way Facebook does it, and it's much more intuitive and user-friendly.

Moderation & Administration

Meaningfully linking ideas Implemented

Envision the ability to meaningfully connect certain ideas around a pattern or a theme, would want to present them as a list, but also share the same contextual content at the beginning of them.

You would link ideas, and then add your own sense making.

Look at the opportunity reports. These ideas belong together because of this…xyz. When you click on “transit” you get a list of ideas that pertain to “transit”, but... more »

Moderation & Administration

Separate abuse notification thresholds for ideas/comments

I'd like to configure different reporting thresholds, as ideas are more visible than comments and thus receive different volume of abuse reports.


I don't know exactly what the current threshold is that causes 'active' ideas to turn into 'pending' ideas, but I'd like to configure this in the same way that reported comments appear in the admin panel.

Moderation & Administration

What's it called?

It would be helpful to have a list of what IdeaScale calls different parts of the community for customization purposes. For example, the banner at the top of the page has the banner image and logo, but what do you call the "Welcome" and "Ideas" listed below that? It would make finding things we want to change in the HTML pages much simpler.