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Front End Improvements

Amalgamated tag cloud

Currently you can change your community settings to show both the tag clouds from idea submitter tags and moderator tags, or just one of the two. It would be great to also have the option of instead or additionally displaying a single tag cloud that is an amalgamation of the tags added by idea submitters and moderators.

Front End Improvements

Allow tags to be entered into user Profile

I would like to have the tag system work to identify subject matter experts. People could set what tags are their skills and idea submitters could set tags for what skills are needed. We could then match up potential Idea Team members bu matching tags.

Front End Improvements

Existing tags should show in new idea box Implemented

When someone adds tags to an idea there is nothing that shows if the tag they're about to add is similar to an existing tag. This leads to identical tags that are called something slightly different.

Suggested improvements:

1) Either show all the tags already added, so that the user could choose from the available tags, or have the user add a new one

2) When a user starts typing, show the tags that might similar so... more »

Front End Improvements

Auto-space after at-tagging Selected

When you at-tag a user the cursor sits at the end of that user's name. As a result, you have to hit space to successfully at-tag that person. This experience feels a little off. When you at-tag someone, what if it auto-spaced so that you can continue typing more naturally. As an example, Slack works this way.

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