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Front End Improvements

Ready-made Community Themes Implemented

A range of ready-made ideascale themes that will allow SMB (or non-technical users) to tailor look and feel. Maybe such themes could be submitted by users for approval and shared?


To negate layout issues and speed up the approval process, I'd suggest these would be limited to simple color/font overrides or variables (SASS).

Front End Improvements

Campaign Level Widget customization and Look and Feel

Community and campaigns should have a similar look and feel when it comes to colors and basic information. When it comes to widgets that information can vary. In the first two campaigns we have launched one is very transparent and we want to show campaign activity and stages for the other most of the process is internal so we don't want to publicly show stages and campaign activities.

Currently we have a cookie cutter... more »

Front End Improvements

Permit HTML Formatting in Category Description

When categories have long descriptions, it is sometimes necessary to use paragraph or other basic formatting tages. Permitting users to use such tags will improve the look and feel of the site.

We often use the site to get feedback on strategic plans and the like - describing an overarching category in greater detail is important to us - it keeps us from having to make users scroll through a giant PDF and then remember... more »