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Front End Improvements

Track community trolls Implemented

In our IdeaScale community there seems to be some community trolls that actively "flag" other participants' comments as inappropriate, even though they are not. This creates extra work for our moderators as they need to review these flagged comments and return those to the platform. I'd like to send private messages to these active flaggers and remind them about the guidelines in the community and tell them not to flag... more »

Moderation & Administration

additional email restriction Implemented

We're contemplating both a public and private community discussing similar topics. We'd like to ensure the private community gets input from our internal folks rather than them discussing on the public community. So it would be helpful if there was a reverse email restriction. For our private community only allow registrations with email addresses; for our public community don't allow any email... more »

Moderation & Administration

Detailed User Behavior Analysis

When building an internal community, I would like to be able to spot the talents as well as "dormant" users who are registered but do not participate. A report on the individual level depicting ones usage of the system, as well as a filtering mechanism to be able to generate sub populations who show a specific behavior will be useful (users who have not logged-in for 2 months, users who did not submit an idea etc.).

Moderation & Administration

Disposable Email Domain Block List to Reduce Manipulation Implemented

I'm not sure how much this is a problem or ever will be, but thought I'd put this out and see what people think.

How about either enabling a domain block list for a community to restrict certain domains from registering so communities seeing a lot of disposable email registrations which are being used to manipulate the voting could be blocked from allowing registration. An enhancement to this Ideascale could track the... more »

Front End Improvements

Campaign Name in Email Subject Line

Currently when a user receives email, only the Community name is in the subject line. In my company, each department is running their own Campaigns and they are not familiar with the Community name. So the users end up deleting emails, send to junk or report as phishing.


Create an option to use the Campaign name in the subject line instead of the Community so that its recognizable. 😀

Front End Improvements

When using the Build Team stage, need an easier way to track who team members are for each idea for the given campaign

If a Build Team stage is used, the team members are basically lost once that stage is complete. There is currently no way for the team to be carried through to a later stage and thus users cannot see who is on a team. There is a way to find them in the back end Community Data Export but that is cumbersome for multiple reasons. The worst of them being that the report only runs one month at a time and those reports show... more »

Front End Improvements

Sort communities in the community selector by name Implemented

The community selector menu (top, left of the universal top bar) shows communities that are administrated by the member, a separator, then communities of which the member is just a member.

That feature makes sense.

However, the communities appear to be presented in the order in which they were created rather than alphabetically by the community name in the menu.

That makes the list look arbitrary. The lists... more »

Front End Improvements

Mentions and Team Roles in "My Community Activity"

To add to "My Community Activity" to get a clearer picture of what the individual is involved in, adding the following:


1. Potentially under a "News" or "Highlights" category. It would be another profile item listing their mentions on the site. Would be useful for when writing blog posts appreciating or highlighting a particular user for their contributions.

2. Adding "Team Roles", their profile could mention what... more »

Moderation & Administration

Community notifications for new submissions

It would be nice to have the possibility of enabling a feature that notifies the entire community (not via email but on the notifications pane on the platform) when a new idea is submitted. It would be a great way of communicating at a glance the activity on the platform, and it would also drive participation.


Front End Improvements

Community description

I'm rather new at using IdeaScale, but one thing that hit me is - Why aren't there any description or links to a companies website or at least a short description of what they do? Just to have a general idea and inspiration as to what ideas would be relevant.


Edit: Alright, I see that it is a possibility, but why is it in a coding language? That doesn't seem user friendly.


Kind Regards,

Moderation & Administration

Approval (moderation) step for new community members

certain employees from being community members (or said another way
only approve certain employees for community membership). Currently there is a way to blacklist by domain and you can ban a person once they are a member, but once you have SSO set up for your community there is no way to moderate who gets access to a community inside your domain until after the fact. A moderation step would solve the problem... more »

Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Monthly Leaderboard in Sidebar

Allow for the Monthly Leaderboard to be displayed in the Sidebar (where the Historical Leaderboard is currently), so the most active, current participants see their names on the Front Page. This would help encourage continued participation, especially for new community members who would take years to get to top 10 of the Historical Leaderboard.


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