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Moderation & Administration

Manual Record Sorting and Prioritization Stage

It would be convenient to have a prioritization stage with two options. 1) Create your list - where participating members can drag records within a list up and down (the same way that you can with stages in a workflow) to manually sort records into their desired, sequential order from #1 to #x. 2) See a combined list - where all individual lists are averaged into one common list based on the overall, averaged rankings... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow comments in Archived Campaigns and Archive Stages

Ideally, both Archive Type Stages and Campaigns which have been Archived would have a setting to allow for comments.

Archive Stage: This would be similar to the "Ideate" stage where admin can configure "permission to view", "permission to participate", and "allow comments" at the stage level.

Archived/Expire Campaign: These settings already exist within the community. Ideally, once a campaign expires, ability to comment,... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign Admins need access to create and modify workflows\funnels for their campaigns

Having workflows admin'd at a higher level than campaign admins is a major issue for organizations that have to adhere to strict separation of duty requirements. The top level admins should be considered the environment administrators and campaign administrators should have all the permissions needed to build, manage, and launch their campaign.

Providing this additional access to campaign admins mean that an organization... more »

Moderation & Administration

Fix the disconnect between WorkFlows and Campaigns

Campaigns are set up in one section of the platform (Engagement) and you are walked though Challenge Statement/ Brief/ Idea Submission/Funnel/Moderation / Launch etc. Great. One-stop-shop.

However, you need to go to another area ( Workflow) to set up a funnel. Then when you want to moderate the campaign you can go to Moderation pain EXCEPT when you need to look at FUND status or REVIEW SCALE status at which time you... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow assignment of ideas to be an exportable report

We would like to assign ideas to members responsible for investigating ideas as to whether or not they can be achieved. We have over 3000 ideas in our community and we have a small innovation team who triage and assess ideasa for implementation, so it would be beneficial if we could export a report to show which team member has what list of ideas under triage/implementation/on hold etc.

Would like other IdeaScale... more »