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Front End Improvements

Knowing you need to log in to cast a vote Implemented

We've just made one of our communities public so that people are not required to log in until such time as they want to submit, comment, or vote.

In the case of submitting ideas, and commenting, there are clear calls to action - i.e. when the person clicks Submit New Idea, an alert strip appears at the top of the screen informing them of the need to log in.

In the case of voting, though, this seems very unintuitive.... more »

Front End Improvements

Make Vote Count more accessible when an idea has left voting

When an idea has left the voting stage, you can't see how many votes it received in that stage anymore. If you click on Activity, you can see who voted it up or down, but that only shows the latest 20 votes. There should be somewhere users can see the total # of votes it received while in a voting stage.

Front End Improvements

Disable downvoting for selected campaigns or funnels

We've observed that our Community Members/Campaign Owners are divided over the value of downvotes. Some feel downvotes provide valuable data and added rigour to a discussion, others feel the potential for downvotes discourages participation.

One of our priorities as Administrators is providing a consistent and intuitive user interface. Perhaps if the potential to turn off downvotes could be decided at the campaign or... more »

Moderation & Administration

Random ordering of ideas Implemented

For many settings (e.g., innovation tournaments) accurate voting on ideas is important. There are clear order effects in voting. By displaying ideas in random order, these effects are minimized. An option to display ideas in random order would be very helpful. The randomization would be done for each session/user.

Moderation & Administration

Ability to separate idea and voting phases of an event Implemented

After our recent internal employee idea gathering event, which was held for two weeks, several suggestions were made around increasing the duration of the event, but also having separate idea gathering and voting periods. They could overlap somewhat, or not.

I think there is some validity to this in that it could make things more fair for ideas that come in at or near the end of an event. If there was additional time... more »

Front End Improvements

Track personal voting Implemented

So let’s just say for example that I vote for 60 ideas during the year. I would the ability to keep track of the ideas I voted for. This would allow me and other users to personalize our experience within Idea Scale and record only those ideas relevant to me.

The only current method is through the Activity Stream which stops after 10 lines and doesn't quite help in creating a searchable record of past “agreed” ideas... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow Sorting of Ideas by Vote (Yes, No, Not Yet Voted) Selected

I've been using IdeaScale for a conference's proposed sessions, but it's incredibly frustrating that each time I return to review the 400+ session ideas that I'm presented with "random" ideas I've already voted on.


Please allow for sorting of ideas by whether we've voted on them or not, or even how we voted, so that we can revisit.

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Front End Improvements

Disabling Voting -- Why does the CTA box still appear?

Just some feedback, if voting is disabled, why would the vote box still appear. I see the vote box says 0 votes in large font and in small font, says voting disabled. Showing zero votes when voting is disabled is only going to cause confusion for users. If voting is disabled, the voting tally box should not be visible to users.

Moderation & Administration

Voting Limits in Ideate Stage

It would be useful to have an option that allows Moderators to set a limit on the number of up-votes and down-votes that each community member can grant in the Ideate stage within any specific campaign. The default could be unlimited but having the option to set a ceiling would help the up-voting process yield more meaningful results for Reviewers and Evaluators.

Front End Improvements

Post and Vote Anonymously "On Demand" Implemented

I understand the site allows a member to hide their idenity profile upon registration. As an administrator I've disable this so that it is fully open. Can I have my cake and eat it too? What if members had the option to post or vote anonymously at the time they post an idea or vote on an idea, "On Demand".

Front End Improvements

Additional Voting Schemes Implemented

An additional voting scheme might be very useful, especially for public challenges like ours: a basic "like" option, like Facebook, with no "dislike" to vote down. Turns out the "disagree" opportunity has gotten a little nasty in a few cases. Some people are very competitive.

Front End Improvements

Allow ALL votes to remain when moving ideas from one campaign to another

We move quite a few ideas because they are submitted to the wrong campaign. Because of this, if an idea was in the voting stage in the original campaign and then moved, the votes cast in the first campaign are not counted in the vote box.

We need to count ALL votes not matter what campaign they were cast in. Even if we were given a choice when changing campaigns that asked "Do you want to keep all votes and have them... more »

Front End Improvements

Change Language for Mouse Hover of Voting Button

Could the language for the voting button be changed to something like "This gets my vote"? Or is there some other way to clearly indicate HOW to vote?


I was asked to submit this feedback because, believe it or not, it is not intuitive for many users to click on the little triangle to vote. We have had users click on the "Follow" star, thinking they were voting.