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Front End Improvements

Make Campaign More Prominent in Idea View

When I'm engaged and thinking about ideas for a particular campaign, I want to explore that campaign even after I've submitted an idea to it. Also, I want easy access back to the campaign page as I'm exploring particular ideas. I know we have the campaigns listed on the side bar, but I think making the campaign more prominent in the idea view will help me immediately jump back to the campaign and continue engaging in... more »

Front End Improvements

Custom Idea Summary for List View

When Ideas have


a) Attached Images

b) a lot of text


the formatting on the Idea Summary in the list view can get pretty bad. I would suggest adding an input field to the "Submit Idea" Popup letting the user add a custom Idea summary that is being displayed in the list view. When left empty the current behavior continues and the text from the main idea is displayed in the list view