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Front End Improvements

Better UX on Back To Top Button

In community settings, every card/section has a Back To Top button which looks unnecessary and confusing to me. It'd look good to me if we add only one single Back To Top button after a certain page scroll.

Example - more »

Front End Improvements

Slideview for attachments by keeping idea description separate

This is both a bug(probably) and a suggested improvement. Currently, bullet points are not always rendered in Idea Details page. This probably has something to do with the attachment image on the left.

Now, I think that this UI can be improved a little bit, and might also solve the current problem with bullet points not rendering. Truncating the description text by putting the image on the left might look nice, but not... more »

Front End Improvements

UX Pattern: First Last in Profile Picture Implemented

I would suggest IdeaScale adopts the First/Last initial in the profile picture as a UX pattern as the default profile icon picture. This provides some uniqueness for each person by default, but they still have the option to customize the profile picture if they would like to.

Front End Improvements

Reverting back to Campaign details when first clicking on a Campaign

Since yesterday, when you click on a campaign you are taken to the Trending Ideas Tab instead of the Description of the Campaign (About) which might confuse new members to IdeaScale as to what they need to do. It would be great if we as customers had the option to select whether we wanted our members to go to the About Page first when clicking on a Campaign.

Front End Improvements

System messaging during registration when new Users are having password difficulties

We have received queries from our Users who are stuck at the "Set Your Password" screen as the software does not indicate what they are doing wrong e.g. typing in a shorter password than required. It would be great from a User experience point of view that the system indicates to them that the password is either non-compliant (e.g. Your password is too short; Your password requires a capital letter; Your password requires... more »

Front End Improvements

Guiding users once they have reset their password

We have had a few users now that get "stuck" when resetting their password. It seems that once they have created their new password, a pop up bar notification appears at the top indicating that they were successful, but the rest of the screen remains unchanged.

This results in the user thinking that they weren't successful and trying to reset their password a 2nd time and then they get the notification that they can... more »

Front End Improvements

Better UX on advanced search ideas form

Current scenario of advanced search ideas form - I can't select multiple forms filed to search for an idea at a time. When I select a filed it automatically refreshes the page and gets the result for me. In each and every field select page automatically refreshes.
It would be better - Please check the Proposed Advanced search ideas image file. After selecting my desired form fields (without page refresh) I will click... more »


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