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Front End Improvements

End Users Should Know when Identity is Hidden

When an end user has opted to hide-their-identity they should see a visual representation that their identity is currently being hidden. Such as in the top right corner...IdeaScale should be able to reassure to the user that the user is hiding their identity.

Front End Improvements

Search for other users Implemented

Our users are businesses and they would like to find others known in the community to be able to follow them. Currently they can only find users on the leaderboard or via a specific idea, but finding a specific user could be made easier thanks! Searching by domain or simply by user name would work great!

Front End Improvements

Guiding users once they have reset their password

We have had a few users now that get "stuck" when resetting their password. It seems that once they have created their new password, a pop up bar notification appears at the top indicating that they were successful, but the rest of the screen remains unchanged.

This results in the user thinking that they weren't successful and trying to reset their password a 2nd time and then they get the notification that they can... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow Admin to remove / delete person from community

Currently, if a person is added to a community by mistake, there is no way to remove the person from the community.


Once a person is added to a community, they must exist under one of these three statuses: "Pending Approval", "Approved Member", or "Banned".


There is no way to remove a person if they aren't supposed to be on the list at all.

Front End Improvements

Saving an Idea Submission Draft Message

Currently when submitting an idea and choosing "save as draft", a pop up box appears stating "You are about to submit this idea. If you are not ready please click Cancel." This text is misleading since the user is not in fact submitting the idea, but rather is attempting to save a draft. My idea is to edit this wording to reflect the correct action.


Awaiting Refinement
In Progress