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Front End Improvements

Send ideas using @username instead of just e-mail

When you want to share an idea, currently you click on "Email Idea" and you can then you are prompted to enter in the email address(es) that you'd like to send the idea to. It would be nice to have the ability to send ideas via email but using their @ username, so that users don't have to leave IdeaScale, go to their Outlook, find the contact card for that person, copy the email, go back to IdeaScale and paste the email... more »

Front End Improvements

Use Display Name as @mention Name/username

I find that the difference between these two names is confusing for customers, even ones with an understanding of the product and someone to explain it to them (us Innovation Architects). Is there something preventing us from simply using the display name as the @ mention name? This is the way Facebook does it, and it's much more intuitive and user-friendly.

Moderation & Administration

Disable Username field in user profile

Do we really need a Username field when a Name field exists in user account? With a community with over 4k members we have experienced that everyone has their own logic in setting up the Name or Username and not always it is reflecting on the e-mail address. This makes the whole directory a bit messy.

Could there be a simple condition on what the Name field looks like (e.g. First name_Last name) and do not allow to generate... more »

Moderation & Administration

Group @mention - Set ONCE and use all the time

I would like to be able to create this group of people so I can do ONE @ mention each time I want to post to this group of people instead of doing individual names.

Is there a workaround for now? is there a way to use the email address to find the member or only the username?

Moderation & Administration

Add search option on moderation panel. Implemented

Currently there is no search option on moderation dashboard which makes moderator's task difficult if they want to find specific ideas using idea title or username keywords


Also can we add sort ideas by dates(recent ideas)? currently I think only pending ideas on moderation panel are displayed by most recent but it appears randomly in other status tabs

Moderation & Administration

Import notification within the tool

When using bulk upload members status or username, I receive a message on the screen that the upload has started. However, once this message gets closed, there is no indicator in the tool itself telling me what is the progress or how long the tool estimates the action to be completed. Could this be added?