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Front End Improvements

Prompt the submitter of an Idea to Vote for it Implemented

We frequently see new Ideas entered where the author of the Idea does not remember to vote for it. It would be great if, upon submission of a new Idea, the author is prompted to Vote for it.

There is a use case where someone is entering a suggestion based on feedback from someone else (for example, Moderators seeding ideas into the system), but this is not the normal case... The author should be allowed to opt out of... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow Admin to remove / delete person from community

Currently, if a person is added to a community by mistake, there is no way to remove the person from the community.


Once a person is added to a community, they must exist under one of these three statuses: "Pending Approval", "Approved Member", or "Banned".


There is no way to remove a person if they aren't supposed to be on the list at all.

Front End Improvements

Categories All Ideas should be "Home/All Ideas" Implemented

The categories top item is "All Ideas", but many users do not understand that is also the way to find the home page information.


Normally the banner at the top is used as the home, but in the customization case this really does not work well unless a div could be created for the area left of the name and login text.


Any thoughts for a better way to navigate home?

Front End Improvements

Moderation changes do not appear in comments until refresh Implemented

When moderating a comment the change status does not appear in the commends section until the page is refreshed. Though the top bar indicates the change has been made. This is an unexpected behavior. Both the notification and the comment being added should occur without a refresh so the page is complete once the moderation event is complete.

Front End Improvements

UX Pattern: First Last in Profile Picture Implemented

I would suggest IdeaScale adopts the First/Last initial in the profile picture as a UX pattern as the default profile icon picture. This provides some uniqueness for each person by default, but they still have the option to customize the profile picture if they would like to.

Front End Improvements

Reverting back to Campaign details when first clicking on a Campaign

Since yesterday, when you click on a campaign you are taken to the Trending Ideas Tab instead of the Description of the Campaign (About) which might confuse new members to IdeaScale as to what they need to do. It would be great if we as customers had the option to select whether we wanted our members to go to the About Page first when clicking on a Campaign.

Front End Improvements

System messaging during registration when new Users are having password difficulties

We have received queries from our Users who are stuck at the "Set Your Password" screen as the software does not indicate what they are doing wrong e.g. typing in a shorter password than required. It would be great from a User experience point of view that the system indicates to them that the password is either non-compliant (e.g. Your password is too short; Your password requires a capital letter; Your password requires... more »

Front End Improvements

Have moderate idea link open upwards Implemented

When the moderate idea link below the CTA block is at the bottom while scrolling the page, open the stages dropdown upwards since our current dropdown is not dynamic & does not fit in the display if opened downwards. (Just like our campaigns or tags dropdown on idea submission form) Please refer the screenshots attached for more details

Moderation & Administration

Stage Translation: allow to filter by campaign for efficiency

In stage translation you can filter by stage type, but not campaign.

In Heading and Descriptions Translation you can filter by campaign

In this use case, the stages for the campaigns from last year are all mixed up with the stages for the campaigns for this year. It is hard to identify the ones that need attention this year and the ones from last year that can be... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add Last Login to the member moderation list Selected

When reviewing a list of members from the member search, It would be nice to see the last time that member has logged in. It currently shows when they registered, but not when they last logged in. Additionally in the search for member perhaps have an option to find all users who have not logged in since #date# so that we could contact these with some marketing material to restart their participation. Currently the... more »

Team Building

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Moderation & Administration

Add Stage filter to the Idea Leaderboard trending idea

On the Idea Leaderboard, it would be great if there was a way to filter by stage. I see that I can choose implemented or exclude implemented (though it doesn't seem to exclude all implemented ideas), but I would love to be able to filter to just say those in the Review stage or in the Submit stage. We need a way to filter down using the assessment scores but only looking at those that are currently in the review stage... more »

Front End Improvements

Member search Implemented

I would love the ability to search for members as well as ideas from the search bar. Sometimes you want to see all the ideas a member has contributed to a certain campaign. Or maybe you just need to find someone in order to “follow” them. Either way it’s kinda tough to locate people in the current system.

Moderation & Administration

Give more visibility to official responses and accepted ideas Implemented

Official responses by moderators are equiparated to other users' comments, and they are not visible in the homepage, but only in the single ideas' page.

If you accept an idea, this idea is removed from the homepage (normally used to show recent, popular or hot ideas) and hidden inside specific tabs (in review, in progress, complete). This reduce the visibility of the accepted Ideas.

Make... more »