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Front End Improvements

Move custom fields data to display BELOW idea description Implemented

When an idea is submitted with custom fields data, that data comes into the idea detail page above the idea description. Since custom fields data is most often supplementary to the idea being submitted, it would make more sense that this info would be displayed BELOW the idea description. See image:

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Front End Improvements

Feedback for @mention when there are no results to show Selected

Needing some feedback for (@)mentions when I type a name that doesn't produce any results. Right now nothing happens, which leaves me wondering if i've made a mistake (or if there is a bug). A simple "no results" where the member list would normally appear could do the trick.

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Front End Improvements

Move funnel under it's respective campaign in the sidebar

One sidebar improvement would be to have the funnel dropdown (indented), under the campaign you have selected. This way, it is more clear that the funnel exists within that specific campaign, and you can easily navigate to the various stages, all under the same campaign hood.

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Front End Improvements

Controlling the Toggling of Moderation Implemented

The language used to toggle between "Moderation" and "Normal" modes is confusing.

Please consider that "Moderation" mode is either "on" or "off".

One user friendly toggle method would be radio buttons with the choice of "on" or "off" and the currently enabled mode checked. Please see the attached image for an example of how this could look.

Alternatively, the toggle could easily be represented by changing the language... more »
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Front End Improvements

Always display category drop-downs for moderators Implemented

If moderators could always view the category field as a drop-down everywhere in the UI instead of a link (thereby skipping the 'edit idea' step), that would increase the efficiency of organizing ideas. Editing miscategorized ideas just to give them in the correct label is a huge time sink, currently.

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Front End Improvements

Move Customize Site Behavior out of UI customization

A lot of the stuff in here feels more at home under Advanced settings. e.g. I was trying to figure out how to alter anonymity settings today and it took me a long time to figure out that it was in UI Customization > Customize site behavior

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Front End Improvements

Anchor campaign brief (More info) to campaign brief

When you click into "More Info" on the front end to access the campaign brief, that page is anchored at the top, which doesn't give the indication that you've gone anywhere. We should anchor it at the Campaign Brief.

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Front End Improvements

Slideview for attachments by keeping idea description separate

This is both a bug(probably) and a suggested improvement. Currently, bullet points are not always rendered in Idea Details page. This probably has something to do with the attachment image on the left.

Now, I think that this UI can be improved a little bit, and might also solve the current problem with bullet points not rendering. Truncating the description text by putting the image on the left might look nice, but not... more »
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Front End Improvements

Enable users to choose their own colors

TSA brought this up: What if we enabled users to control their own colors for the IdeaScale UI? We could enable admins to limit it to their company's branding colors, and we'd need to be sensitive to Section 508 restrictions (contrast).