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Moderation & Administration

Translation Moderation for custom question answers Implemented

There's no way for my team to translation moderate custom question answers. There's the option to translate the question itself but we've run into bad dynamic translation in the answer section and no way to edit it.

Moderation & Administration

Stage Translation: allow to filter by campaign for efficiency

In stage translation you can filter by stage type, but not campaign.

In Heading and Descriptions Translation you can filter by campaign

In this use case, the stages for the campaigns from last year are all mixed up with the stages for the campaigns for this year. It is hard to identify the ones that need attention this year and the ones from last year that can be... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow editing of comments Implemented

We have a scenario where a bilingual (English/French) user has their preferred language as French but submitted their comment in English.

As a result, in the translation dashboard English appears under the FR source and the machine-translated English appears under EN.

Our first thought was to simply translate the English under FR source but there is no ability to edit comments.

On a related note, we may want to edit... more »

Moderation & Administration

Use corporate jargon for machine translation (Google Translate)

It would be great to improve the machine translation by using our own corporate, pre-translated words (English to/from French) so that our users would read the translation the way we define it? This would need to override or work together with the existing translation it does.

For example, "consultant" in English is translated to "le consultant" in French, but corporately we refer to them as "le conseiller" in French.... more »