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Front End Improvements

What's new - see what has happened since last login

Is it possible to implement a 'What's new' feature where people can see what has happened since their last login?

So they could immediatelly see on what ideas others voted, what has been commented etc. etc.

My clients are currently a bit confused because they don't really know what to do when coming to the plattform. Seeing stuff that is currently discussed, commented, voted on etc. would help them to find their way... more »

Front End Improvements

Existing tags should show in new idea box Implemented

When someone adds tags to an idea there is nothing that shows if the tag they're about to add is similar to an existing tag. This leads to identical tags that are called something slightly different.

Suggested improvements:

1) Either show all the tags already added, so that the user could choose from the available tags, or have the user add a new one

2) When a user starts typing, show the tags that might similar so... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow Video (iframe) Embedding in 'Homepage'

The 'Homepage' Section under the Look&Feel is too restricted.

No Javascript is allowed and object and iframe tags are filtered for 'security reasons' (?!?!?!?!).

At least allow embedding of videos (youtube, vimeo) and images into the homepage header via object, iframe & img tags.

Custom CSS restriction in the SMB license is one thing but not even being allowed to add a simple image or video into the existing homepage... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow archived campaign tags to be removed from the Tag Cloud

We have Archived several campaigns and despite rebuilding the tag cloud, archived campaign tags still appear on the Landing Page tag cloud. The ability to restrict the landing page tag cloud to only contemporary discussions would be appreciated.

Moderation & Administration

Enable exporting of tagged ideas from tag cloud

Currently you are only able to export all ideas or campaigns, however it would be great if you could export all ideas associated to a particular tag or small group of tags, rather than having to export all ideas then filter off what you require. eg export all ideas tagged under rosters. With over 3000 ideas, we have a very large tag list which is cumbersome to export then filter off.