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Front End Improvements

Allow read-only community members Implemented

We would like to be able to assign a third type of community member. This member would be granted read-only access to the community but would not be permitted to vote on or enter content into the community.

We have ideas communities that allow customers to voice their ideas for the enhancement of our products.

Our policy is that only our customers may vote on ideas so internal members do not skew the data.

We... more »

Moderation & Administration

Display Idea Status Logging Implemented

On occasion, we will have users in our community change the status of an Idea (ex: from Active to Duplicate) and we have no way of knowing "Who" changed the status. This is especially annoying when this happens 10+ times in one day to the same Idea (I think a user was playing games...).

Ideally, this can be resolved by displaying a simple log on the Idea (probably only visible to Administrators) that displays what users... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow Admin to remove / delete person from community

Currently, if a person is added to a community by mistake, there is no way to remove the person from the community.


Once a person is added to a community, they must exist under one of these three statuses: "Pending Approval", "Approved Member", or "Banned".


There is no way to remove a person if they aren't supposed to be on the list at all.

Moderation & Administration

Bulk status changes for moderators Implemented

It would be much easier for a moderator to update idea states if there were bulk actions that could be performed. For example, in moderator view, each idea on a page of 25, 50, etc. ideas would have a checkbox, with a corresponding link at the top and bottom of each page to check/uncheck all. The moderator could then select a status from a drop-down to apply to all checked ideas, thereby mass-moderating a group of comments... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow search parameters to include or exclude idea statuses Implemented

When we are searching our community ideas, we are almost always looking for ideas with Active or In Progress status. These are the ideas we work with and need to be able to act upon.


I understand that some searches need to look into the other statuses, so we need options for searches to include or exclude each idea status.

Front End Improvements

Display status as text next to idea

When in Admin Mode the status of an idea is easily seen by a text next to the status color circle.

This is not the case for regular members.


It would be great if users could get the same text under the vote field as admins (except of course without the dropdown menu to change a status).