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Front End Improvements

Allow Sorting of Ideas by Vote (Yes, No, Not Yet Voted) Selected

I've been using IdeaScale for a conference's proposed sessions, but it's incredibly frustrating that each time I return to review the 400+ session ideas that I'm presented with "random" ideas I've already voted on.


Please allow for sorting of ideas by whether we've voted on them or not, or even how we voted, so that we can revisit.

Team Building

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Moderation & Administration

Manual Record Sorting and Prioritization Stage

It would be convenient to have a prioritization stage with two options. 1) Create your list - where participating members can drag records within a list up and down (the same way that you can with stages in a workflow) to manually sort records into their desired, sequential order from #1 to #x. 2) See a combined list - where all individual lists are averaged into one common list based on the overall, averaged rankings... more »

Front End Improvements

Contentious Sorting Tab

How about creating another optional sorting tab to bring the most controversial ideas (high up and down votes) to the top? This would be available to activate when up and down voting is enabled.

This would highlight the ideas that people don't agree on and for what reasons. In the right circumstances it would encourage people to get involved. A few websites i have visited have this feature and it is particularily interesting... more »

Front End Improvements

Extend options of Sort by in the idea comments section Implemented

If many comments entered, the oldest are at the top of the list. This means you have to scroll down through the whole history to read the latest comment (unless the person who types in the comment checks the option to make his/her update the first on on the list).
It would be beneficial to sort out the comments newest to oldest and then include an option to change the order manually under Sort by for individuals to change... more »

Moderation & Administration

Sorting and Filtering in Incoming Moderation and Idea Portfolio Moderation Apps

The following Moderation App enhancements would be helpful:

  1. Allow all columns to be sortable in both the Incoming Moderation and Idea Portfolio apps

  2. Expand the filtering options in Incoming Moderation to match the options available in Idea Portfolio

Front End Improvements

Read markers Implemented

Users should have a way to mark an idea as "read" without having to vote or comment.
Example: When a campaign has 100 ideas, voters will likely need more than one sitting to review them all. So as not to re-read multiple ideas to find one's place, a way to sort by "read" and "unread" for users would be very helpful. joshyezzi