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Front End Improvements

Move funnel under it's respective campaign in the sidebar

One sidebar improvement would be to have the funnel dropdown (indented), under the campaign you have selected. This way, it is more clear that the funnel exists within that specific campaign, and you can easily navigate to the various stages, all under the same campaign hood.

Front End Improvements

Sidebar Moderator list should not present for community memeber

As a community member I have never felt any usability to see the moderator list in sidebar. A member can just click on the name of the moderator and can see what a moderator did. Is it necessary for a member to see the information of a moderator?

Front End Improvements

Community sidebar information on the mobile device

The community sidebar contains lots of useful information like - Social Web, Campaign Activity, etc. I can see this information on the desktop view but can't view it from the mobile device. So far I know, most of the users use mobile devices to browse ideas, even I also often browse from my mobile device to check new ideas. It'd be great if we can introduce all sidebar information on mobile devices.... more »

Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Monthly Leaderboard in Sidebar

Allow for the Monthly Leaderboard to be displayed in the Sidebar (where the Historical Leaderboard is currently), so the most active, current participants see their names on the Front Page. This would help encourage continued participation, especially for new community members who would take years to get to top 10 of the Historical Leaderboard.


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