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Moderation & Administration

Build Your Own Report: Drag & Drop Selected

What if we created a "Build Your Own Report" (BYOR) option to replace the Reports tab with a single view that allows administrators to create their own reports with all our current data points available in a drag & drop function. The current view of the Reports tab is often confusing with all types of reports. This single view could allow for data points to be the main variables while the function (viewing and exporting... more »

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Moderation & Administration

Make Campaign Leaderboard Report Exportable for a Calendar Year

There should be an easy way to export a list of just all campaign titles, launch date, end date, and the corresponding total number of ideas, votes, and comments in the community. Currently, we have to export all of our ideas and comments and make reports manually, but frequently we just need to know the titles, number of votes and comments for a given fiscal year or calendar year.
We see some stats on the Campaign Leaderboard,... more »

Moderation & Administration

Measuring User Sentiment

Reporting information from Ideascale on a deeper level is something Amway is interested in. We'd like to understand a user's sentiment- the way a user feels as they are submitting ideas or comments. Maybe this could be read through their tone, but that isn't very concrete and useful. This level of reporting would add a deeper understanding as to why the user posted an idea or comment. Normally this can be measured in... more »

Moderation & Administration

Detailed User Behavior Analysis

When building an internal community, I would like to be able to spot the talents as well as "dormant" users who are registered but do not participate. A report on the individual level depicting ones usage of the system, as well as a filtering mechanism to be able to generate sub populations who show a specific behavior will be useful (users who have not logged-in for 2 months, users who did not submit an idea etc.).

Front End Improvements

Clear Front Page Report on Implemented Ideas

Of all the things that prove the value of an innovation community, it is implemented ideas. This should be something that is by-default in all communities so that the value is obvious and the behavior of implementing ideas is embedded in an IdeaScale community.

Moderation & Administration


Formatting in excel reports causes problems when trying to copy and paste data to other sheets. I have difficulty especially in member reports where I get an error about cells being merged therefore I cannot copy the email database column for example. I have not found a workaround on this and it makes working with the data in these reports very difficult. Any help and improvement would be greatly appreciated 🙂... more »

Front End Improvements

When using the Build Team stage, need an easier way to track who team members are for each idea for the given campaign

If a Build Team stage is used, the team members are basically lost once that stage is complete. There is currently no way for the team to be carried through to a later stage and thus users cannot see who is on a team. There is a way to find them in the back end Community Data Export but that is cumbersome for multiple reasons. The worst of them being that the report only runs one month at a time and those reports show... more »

Front End Improvements

Better Kudos Tracking/Reporting

Our organization would like to incorporate kudos into employee recognition. For example, if employees give/receive X amount of kudos they would receive X amount of points to be redeemed for a reward. Ideally, the report would show how many kudos each community member received or gave to another community member.
Another thought is to allow us to clear the leaderboard, like we could when there was just a point system.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add Stage filter to the Idea Leaderboard trending idea

On the Idea Leaderboard, it would be great if there was a way to filter by stage. I see that I can choose implemented or exclude implemented (though it doesn't seem to exclude all implemented ideas), but I would love to be able to filter to just say those in the Review stage or in the Submit stage. We need a way to filter down using the assessment scores but only looking at those that are currently in the review stage... more »