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Moderation & Administration

Streamline the Block/Ban process for reported users/comments

Currently, you must go to the admin panel, search for a user's name/email and manually change their status from active -> blocked. It would be helpful to include a 'block' link directly on reported ideas, reported comments and the user's profile to allow mods to easily manage abusive users.

Other welcome additions to this process would include 'report' links on user profiles (that would submit the user directly to the... more »

Moderation & Administration

To show mod the user who Report Abuse or 'flag' a comment/idea Implemented

Currently, the 'Report Abuse' notification is sent to all moderators via email should a community user flag a particular comment/idea.

Moderator will then have to approve the comment/idea again once checked there are no particular issues with this.

Is it possible to make known the user who reported abuse or flagged the comment/idea to ONLY moderators? more »

Front End Improvements

Confirmation Prior to Reporting Abuse Implemented

We've had a number of people clicking on the 'report abuse' button either in error or just to see what it does, without realizing that the submission is made the very moment the link is clicked.


It has been suggested that they people would value, at the very least, be able to confirm prior to submitting (i.e. are you sure?).



Moderation & Administration

Build Your Own Report: Drag & Drop Selected

What if we created a "Build Your Own Report" (BYOR) option to replace the Reports tab with a single view that allows administrators to create their own reports with all our current data points available in a drag & drop function. The current view of the Reports tab is often confusing with all types of reports. This single view could allow for data points to be the main variables while the function (viewing and exporting... more »

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Moderation & Administration

Add Filter Dates to Member Data Report trending idea Implemented

I'd like to see a filter date on the Member Data Report. At our organization we like to report back to leaders their team's activity in our community. Our community is over two years old now, so we are adjusting in a spreadsheet the ideas contributed by an employee each quarter. We would love to create a YTD report for this!

Front End Improvements

What's new - see what has happened since last login

Is it possible to implement a 'What's new' feature where people can see what has happened since their last login?

So they could immediatelly see on what ideas others voted, what has been commented etc. etc.

My clients are currently a bit confused because they don't really know what to do when coming to the plattform. Seeing stuff that is currently discussed, commented, voted on etc. would help them to find their way... more »

Moderation & Administration

export reports and flexible dashboard reporting

IdeaScale has some built-in reporting on usage statistics (number of new users, number of new ideas, number of ideas per category, etc), but I can't control the report criteria or export them. My company needs to do monthly reporting on:
- Number of new ideas
- Number of new users
- Number of ideas per status

Annual and weekly reporting would be nice too. All of these reports should be exported to Excel or at... more »

Front End Improvements

Report a topic as 'off-topic'

Reporting abuse would be more helpful for moderators if users were able to specify the exact issue they have encountered. It'd be great if users could report an idea or comment as [spam/abuse, duplicate, miscategorized/off-topic]. If the reported queues had filters for each of these different cases, they would be much more manageable then one large queue of items that has been reported for various reasons.

Moderation & Administration

Idea Aging Report

Date stamp ideas as they move from stage to stage. One of the issues that we have is that with over 500 ideas in the system, trying to see of how long ideas are sitting in a specific stage is difficult. It would be nice to run a report or have the ability to export the data that would allow us to easily identify ideas have been sitting stagnant. This would allow us to ping idea owners and help them get the idea moving... more »

Moderation & Administration

Separate abuse notification thresholds for ideas/comments

I'd like to configure different reporting thresholds, as ideas are more visible than comments and thus receive different volume of abuse reports.


I don't know exactly what the current threshold is that causes 'active' ideas to turn into 'pending' ideas, but I'd like to configure this in the same way that reported comments appear in the admin panel.