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Moderation & Administration

Manual Record Sorting and Prioritization Stage

It would be convenient to have a prioritization stage with two options. 1) Create your list - where participating members can drag records within a list up and down (the same way that you can with stages in a workflow) to manually sort records into their desired, sequential order from #1 to #x. 2) See a combined list - where all individual lists are averaged into one common list based on the overall, averaged rankings... more »

Moderation & Administration

Ranking expected response type

We would like to be able to ask a question where the options are pre determined and the person who is answering the question can then rank them (drag and drop) in order of preference.

If we for instance provide a list of various stakeholders, the idea submitter can order them from who they believe will be most impacted to least impacted by dragging and dropping each of the options, to reorder them.

When creating an... more »