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Stage End Dates and Timeline

New Stage type that is private. Only viewable by specified people/groups

We have a need to keep specific ideas hidden from the community and even the campaign that they were entered in. Keeping in unapproved is not an option as that becomes cumbersome to manage very quickly. Even using tags.


Ideally a stage where viewing can be restricted to specific users or user groups would allow us to move specific ideas, for instance that need to be analyzed for things like trade secret information,... more »


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Moderation & Administration

Make private ideas public for admins

Would love an option to change ideas from private to public. When you are willing to disclose you can. If you have any engagement in mini competition and would like to reveal the ideas to all after for voting.

Cloning doesnt count because it doesnt clone refine stage data. So you loose all the data they wrote to their private ideas.

Ps: Team funnel stage creates teams but they have no way of communicating inside the... more »

Moderation & Administration

additional email restriction Implemented

We're contemplating both a public and private community discussing similar topics. We'd like to ensure the private community gets input from our internal folks rather than them discussing on the public community. So it would be helpful if there was a reverse email restriction. For our private community only allow registrations with email addresses; for our public community don't allow any email... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderation level without e-mail notification to every moderator

We'd like to use the moderation level "high", because we want users to sign in, before reading ideas and we want to approve new registrations. BUT for our moderators that would mean a very high number ofadditional e- mails to each and every moderator, where all of them are asked to approve new registrations.

We would prefer it, having this modus, but only the admin user is receiving the approval notification emails,... more »