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Moderation & Administration

Bring back old idea moderation features Implemented

I like that there have been some new changes to the dashboards, but now it's very hard to find ideas that have been flagged and that go into the "pending" stage. Before, it was very easy to tell which ideas had been flagged and why, whereas now the chat-looking dashboard shows all ideas that have had any changes and can't be filtered (which can be a challenge when you have 1000+ ideas in the community).

Moderation & Administration

Include 'Pending' ideas in search when logged in as moderator Implemented

As a moderator, I've blacklisted certain commonly-duplicated terms to immediately send some ideas to the moderation queue. Unfortunately, 'pending' ideas aren't returned when I search for those specific terms, which makes bulk managing/merging of redundant/miscategorized ideas more complicated than it would be if they did appear here.

Moderation & Administration

Ability to Edit Comments Pending Moderation Implemented

When an idea or comment is flagged for moderator review, based on the content, it would be beneficial if the moderators were able to remove the offensive text that triggered the idea / comment to be reviewed and then add it into the pool. This would allow us to retain the idea, but trim the unnecessary text. Currently, it appears as though we can either Accept or Reject the comment / idea, which aren't always ideal options.... more »