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Moderation & Administration

Moderator/Admin allowed to modify Idea Ownership

Allow Moderator/Admin to modify Idea Ownership to other users. Sometimes ideas are sent to moderators/admins, rather than submitted via ideation site. Also, some idea owners have left the organization, and ideas need a new owner to champion the cause.

Front End Improvements

Add filtering to idea owner

As idea owner, we need to filter all ideas assigned to us. Moderators should also be able to filter ideas based on idea owners. If we can add this functionality, it will be a great help for us. Right now, we are tacking ideas assigned to us on xls, based on the email we have received when an idea is assigned to us.

Moderation & Administration

Moderator to assign an idea to another member Implemented

As a moderator (and admin) of my community, I would like to be able to add ideas that I have received using other methods, but assign these ideas to their correct sources as opposed to the ideas appearing as if they come from me.

Is this perhaps possible with the bulk upload of idea function? If so, what if an idea came from someone who is not yet a member of the community?

If this is not already possible, this IDEA... more »