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Front End Improvements

More reminder notification options (lookback)

The customizable "loopback notifications" is a powerful tools for the community administrator to help target stagnated ideas. (

I propose three improvements to this feature.

1. Make this notification available not only for stagnated ideas by time, but also by vote, comment or other. Perhaps this notification could be trigger-able with... more »
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Front End Improvements

Opt in/out for automatic notifications based on idea custom fied

The idea is that a user could opt-in/out for (email) notification based on idea custom fields.

For example, when submitting an idea, we have one of the following categories to be assigned any idea: "Medical", "Logistics", "Finance", "Human Resources"...

We would like then users to subscribe for notifications within categories by their choice (ex: Medical and Logistics).
Thus the person will receive notifications only... more »
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Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Incremental Improvement to Badges

When a user unlocks a new badge, that badge shouldn't only appear in notifications but as a pop up inside the community. This feedback would improve the overall experience and - I think - make this part of the user experience more fun. Imagine you submit a comment and then get a pop up, "Congratulations, you've unlocked the BLANK badge - click here to share this accomplishment with others" or something similar to that.... more »


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Front End Improvements

Stage Specific Sharing

When I'm looking for supporters of a particular activity, I want to be able to socially share the way you can socially share when you're looking for votes - a way to say "join my team" or "fund this idea." This would serve all stage-using customers.

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Moderation & Administration

Community notifications for new submissions

It would be nice to have the possibility of enabling a feature that notifies the entire community (not via email but on the notifications pane on the platform) when a new idea is submitted. It would be a great way of communicating at a glance the activity on the platform, and it would also drive participation.


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Front End Improvements

Vanishing confirmation messages Selected

One thing I love about IdeaScale is whenever you make changes as an admin, you receive a message/notification confirming that the change you made was successful. This helps assure that whatever change you made actually took effect. One small refinement idea here, though. The only way to remove these confirmation notifications is by Xing them out. To me, it'd make sense if these messages automatically disappeared after... more »

Team Building

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Front End Improvements

Email User Name with Comment Notification on Ideas you follow

When I am following an idea and someone adds a comment, I get an email with the comment and a link to the comment. Can I also get the user name in the email so I can see who wrote the comment without having to click the link?

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Moderation & Administration

Automated emails to users who haven't signed in for X amount of

Can we set it up so admins/moderators can set up automatic sign-in reminders to users who haven't signed in in X amount of time? It could be an automated email with suggested text for emails of certain periods of time. In other words, we'd have a template for ~2 weeks, ~1 month, ~3 months, etc. Admins could edit the content of these templates and set them up for frequencies they desire based on our recommendations.