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Front End Improvements

What's new - see what has happened since last login

Is it possible to implement a 'What's new' feature where people can see what has happened since their last login?

So they could immediatelly see on what ideas others voted, what has been commented etc. etc.

My clients are currently a bit confused because they don't really know what to do when coming to the plattform. Seeing stuff that is currently discussed, commented, voted on etc. would help them to find their way... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderator Notification Only for Select Categories Implemented

There have been a few questions asked if it is possible for moderator notification refinement. Some moderators just want to be notified about certain topics. It should be possible to be able to assign moderators or allow moderators to opt into only being notified when specified categories are submitted to for either comments, ideas, or both. With at least one moderator to be notified of miscategorized or neglected... more »

Front End Improvements

Opt in/out for automatic notifications based on idea custom fied

The idea is that a user could opt-in/out for (email) notification based on idea custom fields.

For example, when submitting an idea, we have one of the following categories to be assigned any idea: "Medical", "Logistics", "Finance", "Human Resources"...

We would like then users to subscribe for notifications within categories by their choice (ex: Medical and Logistics).
Thus the person will receive notifications only... more »

Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Incremental Improvement to Badges

When a user unlocks a new badge, that badge shouldn't only appear in notifications but as a pop up inside the community. This feedback would improve the overall experience and - I think - make this part of the user experience more fun. Imagine you submit a comment and then get a pop up, "Congratulations, you've unlocked the BLANK badge - click here to share this accomplishment with others" or something similar to that.... more »


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Front End Improvements

Campaign Name in Email Subject Line

Currently when a user receives email, only the Community name is in the subject line. In my company, each department is running their own Campaigns and they are not familiar with the Community name. So the users end up deleting emails, send to junk or report as phishing.


Create an option to use the Campaign name in the subject line instead of the Community so that its recognizable. 😀

Front End Improvements

Turn off comment emails

I would like to have a way to turn off email notifications pushed to idea submitters. I toggled all of the email options off in my community and reset all profiles to default for these options but my users continue to get email comments. The folks from IdeaScale Chat Support have explained that is part of the design of the platform. Please fix this. joshyezzi

Moderation & Administration

Moderation level without e-mail notification to every moderator

We'd like to use the moderation level "high", because we want users to sign in, before reading ideas and we want to approve new registrations. BUT for our moderators that would mean a very high number ofadditional e- mails to each and every moderator, where all of them are asked to approve new registrations.

We would prefer it, having this modus, but only the admin user is receiving the approval notification emails,... more »

Front End Improvements

Easily notify groups when an idea advances to a certain stage

I believe there is value in adding a more straightforward option to notify a certain group when an idea advances to a certain stage. In my head, this looks like an additional field/switch to the 'edit stage' page that reads something like, 'Notify a group when an idea hits this stage' -- then if that switch is turned on, there is a group drop-down.

Imagine you have a group of senior leaders, community admins could set... more »

Front End Improvements

Option to create @ mention submission field in ideate stage

During submission it would be extremely valuable to be able to create @ mention custom fields.

Could be used for the submitter to notify a manager - could also be an email field where the system then automatically sends a notification.

Moderation & Administration

Allow customization of Email Digest notification to local timing

As IdeaScale is being used worldwide, I find that there is a need to allow Moderators to be able to customize the sending/publishing of Email Digest notification to cater and suit to their local timing.

For e.g. my daily email digest notification is usually sent out at 1.39am to 1.57am, SGT and it could cause a disturbance to those who keep their phone turned on all the time to receive important emails.

Usually global... more »


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