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Front End Improvements

Allow to link to external pages (allow target=_blank html) Implemented

We need to link to an external page in a new tab (or if we could, to a popup with further information). Currently, the 'target=_blank' is stripped out of the html code you enter, so this can't be done.

Please consider allowing it.


Front End Improvements

Email of "new ideas digest" should be customizable Implemented

The weekly email I receive from this community is very ugly (i.e., it has little formatting and no, nice branding or look-and-feel).


It would be nice if I could customize the emails that get sent to my community so that they look more professional.


Also, I'd like to be able to add a introductory sentence or header to it so that my community knows what this is (especially for new members).

Front End Improvements

Sort Ideas by Moderator Approval DateTime

The moderator of A moderator will not always approve ideas in the order of submission (our organization has a review process before moderator approval), e.g. some ideas require further review before approval for voting. However, sorting is don’t by idea submission time, and this means that ideas that are approved that were submitted after an earlier filed (but not yet approved submission) will be viewable to those in... more »