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Moderation & Administration

Streamline the Block/Ban process for reported users/comments

Currently, you must go to the admin panel, search for a user's name/email and manually change their status from active -> blocked. It would be helpful to include a 'block' link directly on reported ideas, reported comments and the user's profile to allow mods to easily manage abusive users.

Other welcome additions to this process would include 'report' links on user profiles (that would submit the user directly to the... more »

Moderation & Administration

To show mod the user who Report Abuse or 'flag' a comment/idea Implemented

Currently, the 'Report Abuse' notification is sent to all moderators via email should a community user flag a particular comment/idea.

Moderator will then have to approve the comment/idea again once checked there are no particular issues with this.

Is it possible to make known the user who reported abuse or flagged the comment/idea to ONLY moderators? more »

Front End Improvements

Allow read-only community members Implemented

We would like to be able to assign a third type of community member. This member would be granted read-only access to the community but would not be permitted to vote on or enter content into the community.

We have ideas communities that allow customers to voice their ideas for the enhancement of our products.

Our policy is that only our customers may vote on ideas so internal members do not skew the data.

We... more »

Front End Improvements

Annotations (formerly known as the The Super Comment) Implemented

Give Moderators the ability to promote a Comment from the Comment stream to be part of the idea detail. Thinking about Moderators that want to communicate to Members that an idea has (or has not) moved forward. This selected comment would be "elevated" by a Moderator. Any comment from any Member could be elevated, not just from Moderators. This feature will be open ended so it could also be used if you have a great... more »

Front End Improvements

Ensure that Search in Moderation will search the Display name

We love the new All Members moderation screen that allows searching. It comes much closer to what we need to identify members.

Unfortunately, the search only searches the email address, which is not available to Moderators. They can only work from the member Display names, in general.

Please ensure that this search reaches both the display name and the email address (the two values that are shown on the screen).... more »


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Moderation & Administration

add custom fields for only internal/moderator use Implemented

Our company wants to add some information to ideas, such as our internal enhancement request tracking number, the product build number in which an idea is implemented, and internal notes on the idea verdict (e.g. why we rejected it, suggestions on how to implement it, etc.). We can add this information with custom fields, but we don't want our customers to edit them. The moderator should be the only one who can edit them.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Bulk status changes for moderators Implemented

It would be much easier for a moderator to update idea states if there were bulk actions that could be performed. For example, in moderator view, each idea on a page of 25, 50, etc. ideas would have a checkbox, with a corresponding link at the top and bottom of each page to check/uncheck all. The moderator could then select a status from a drop-down to apply to all checked ideas, thereby mass-moderating a group of comments... more »

Front End Improvements

More reminder notification options (lookback)

The customizable "loopback notifications" is a powerful tools for the community administrator to help target stagnated ideas. (

I propose three improvements to this feature.

1. Make this notification available not only for stagnated ideas by time, but also by vote, comment or other. Perhaps this notification could be trigger-able with... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow moderators to comment on all ideas, regardless of status Implemented

Moderators should not have to change the status of an idea just to comment on it when it isn't in an interactive state (pending, completed, closed, etc.) If I'm moving an idea directly from pending to completed, I'd like to bypass moving the idea to 'Active' just to comment before changing it to 'Completed'.

Moderation & Administration

Enable Moderator/Admins to Post Clickable URLs in Descriptions and Comments Implemented

Enable Moderators and Admin to post links and attachments in their comments and in category descriptions.


This feature would be helpful when more information is being written than a field can hold such as the category description or when directing someone to a resource/page for more information.

Moderation & Administration

Moderator/Admin allowed to modify Idea Ownership

Allow Moderator/Admin to modify Idea Ownership to other users. Sometimes ideas are sent to moderators/admins, rather than submitted via ideation site. Also, some idea owners have left the organization, and ideas need a new owner to champion the cause.

Moderation & Administration

Add Stage filter to the Idea Leaderboard trending idea

On the Idea Leaderboard, it would be great if there was a way to filter by stage. I see that I can choose implemented or exclude implemented (though it doesn't seem to exclude all implemented ideas), but I would love to be able to filter to just say those in the Review stage or in the Submit stage. We need a way to filter down using the assessment scores but only looking at those that are currently in the review stage... more »

Front End Improvements

Controlling the Toggling of Moderation Implemented

The language used to toggle between "Moderation" and "Normal" modes is confusing.

Please consider that "Moderation" mode is either "on" or "off".

One user friendly toggle method would be radio buttons with the choice of "on" or "off" and the currently enabled mode checked. Please see the attached image for an example of how this could look.

Alternatively, the toggle could easily be represented by changing the language... more »

Front End Improvements

Sort Ideas by Moderator Approval DateTime

The moderator of A moderator will not always approve ideas in the order of submission (our organization has a review process before moderator approval), e.g. some ideas require further review before approval for voting. However, sorting is don’t by idea submission time, and this means that ideas that are approved that were submitted after an earlier filed (but not yet approved submission) will be viewable to those in... more »