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Moderation & Administration

Idea Deletion Comments/Reason viewable to poster only

Currently Ideas when they are deleted just disappear. It would be great and a better experience to the people submitting ideas to be able to provide feedback on ideas as to why the post was deleted next to the removal indication in the activity stream of the user.

Moderation & Administration

Moderator to assign an idea to another member Implemented

As a moderator (and admin) of my community, I would like to be able to add ideas that I have received using other methods, but assign these ideas to their correct sources as opposed to the ideas appearing as if they come from me.

Is this perhaps possible with the bulk upload of idea function? If so, what if an idea came from someone who is not yet a member of the community?

If this is not already possible, this IDEA... more »

Moderation & Administration

Ability to Edit Comments Pending Moderation Implemented

When an idea or comment is flagged for moderator review, based on the content, it would be beneficial if the moderators were able to remove the offensive text that triggered the idea / comment to be reviewed and then add it into the pool. This would allow us to retain the idea, but trim the unnecessary text. Currently, it appears as though we can either Accept or Reject the comment / idea, which aren't always ideal options.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Approval (moderation) step for new community members

certain employees from being community members (or said another way
only approve certain employees for community membership). Currently there is a way to blacklist by domain and you can ban a person once they are a member, but once you have SSO set up for your community there is no way to moderate who gets access to a community inside your domain until after the fact. A moderation step would solve the problem... more »

Moderation & Administration

Bulk move ideas in same campaign Implemented

Observation that when you are trying to move ideas from one stage to another to need to pseudo that you want to move them to another campaign in order for the "move to stage" is activated.

Would be beneficial if it was active in the same campaign at once.

Moderation & Administration

Automation builder from Custom fields

Could we have the function Automation builder extended to assign idea owners from a rule created by custom fields.


Idea submitter selects A in submission - Idea is assigned to Reviewer no 1

Idea submitter selects B in submission - Idea is assigned to Reviewer no 2

Idea submitter selects C in submission - Idea is assigned to Reviewer no 1, 3 and 4

Moderation & Administration

Include moderator and admin roles in exports

Ideally exports with member data would include admin, custom admin, and moderation assignments for each community member.

Currently we allow for "include groups" on the IdeaScale Member Data Export, the new setting could be a switch similar to this. In the export there would be a column for "assignments" including admin, custom admin, global moderator, campaigns the individual moderates, and groups they moderate. It... more »

Moderation & Administration

Pin an Idea to the top of the list

Sometimes, great Ideas do not get the attention of the community. As a moderator, I would like to be able to define an idea as "featured" and for this idea to appear at the top of the tab lists with special marking designating it as featured. the moderator will be able to set for how long an idea is being considered as featured.

Moderation & Administration

Attachment moderation

Option to moderate attachments. Either:

- as a new option in it's own right (under Security > Basic Moderation Settings)

- as inherited permissions (ie. if new ideas moderated=attachments to ideas moderated as well AND if new comments moderated=attachments to comments moderated as well)

Moderation & Administration

Sorting and Filtering in Incoming Moderation and Idea Portfolio Moderation Apps

The following Moderation App enhancements would be helpful:

  1. Allow all columns to be sortable in both the Incoming Moderation and Idea Portfolio apps

  2. Expand the filtering options in Incoming Moderation to match the options available in Idea Portfolio

Front End Improvements

Report a topic as 'off-topic'

Reporting abuse would be more helpful for moderators if users were able to specify the exact issue they have encountered. It'd be great if users could report an idea or comment as [spam/abuse, duplicate, miscategorized/off-topic]. If the reported queues had filters for each of these different cases, they would be much more manageable then one large queue of items that has been reported for various reasons.