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Moderation & Administration

Campaign specific profile question

SInce we do challenge specific campaigns often with manual groups - there is a lot a manual work in adding new members to groups.

My suggestion is to give the option to enable a campaign specific profile question - that would automatically add the person to a campaign group.

Moderation & Administration

Show optional questions in Member Registration Form

The problem is that it is not possible to show OPTIONAL questions in Member Registration Form.

When in "Edit Member Profile Question", the "Required" ON/OFF functionality is available only when "Show in Registration Form" functionality is OFF.

And we really need to have the possibility to OFF the Required functionality when "Show in Registration Form" functionality is ON to be capable to have optional questions in... more »

Front End Improvements

Add profile questions option to Infographic

It would be nice to customize infographic based on profile questions. It will help to see various group participation and encourage friendly competition among groups which in turn will help with engagement.