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Front End Improvements

"All Ideas" listing limited to campaign groups

At the moment "All Ideas" in the campaign section displays ideas from multiple campaign groups.


It would be good to have a "All Ideas" item per Campaign Group that only shows ideas from campaigns within a group and hide the global "All Ideas" if the user chooses to.

Moderation & Administration

Detailed User Behavior Analysis

When building an internal community, I would like to be able to spot the talents as well as "dormant" users who are registered but do not participate. A report on the individual level depicting ones usage of the system, as well as a filtering mechanism to be able to generate sub populations who show a specific behavior will be useful (users who have not logged-in for 2 months, users who did not submit an idea etc.).

Front End Improvements

Gamification - leaderboard, badges Implemented

We're trying to really use the gamification module as a motivation tool for our employees. At the moment the point/badgessystem is not really visible.

Maybe we could have a box to the side where there are a few options:
- Show the top 5 contributors for this month/for this year. Profile should include name and photo.
- Show the users who have just unlocked a badge

This would really help to change a culture. If I'm... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add option to view campaigns in draft mode Implemented

We currently don't have any option for admins/moderators to view campaigns in a draft mode on the front end, i.e. see what the end users will see when the campaign is launched without actually launching it. We do have a workaround, but it'd be nice to make this official, as I get this request all the time.

Moderation & Administration

Group Management

This is with regards to Group Management- I would be more than happy to get on a call with you or any tech POC from ideascale and explain my suggestions.

1. Only 10 groups can be seen at a time, so if the desired group is on page 4 then you have to click 4 times and reach the desired group – Suggestion - you can increase the limit, there is a lot of place on the page to accommodate a larger list

2. After reaching the... more »

Front End Improvements

Disable downvoting for selected campaigns or funnels

We've observed that our Community Members/Campaign Owners are divided over the value of downvotes. Some feel downvotes provide valuable data and added rigour to a discussion, others feel the potential for downvotes discourages participation.

One of our priorities as Administrators is providing a consistent and intuitive user interface. Perhaps if the potential to turn off downvotes could be decided at the campaign or... more »