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Moderation & Administration

Disposable Email Domain Block List to Reduce Manipulation Implemented

I'm not sure how much this is a problem or ever will be, but thought I'd put this out and see what people think.

How about either enabling a domain block list for a community to restrict certain domains from registering so communities seeing a lot of disposable email registrations which are being used to manipulate the voting could be blocked from allowing registration. An enhancement to this Ideascale could track the... more »

Front End Improvements

email address pick list from inside the idea

If you want to email an idea to another user in the community from WITHIN the idea, you have no way of picking the persons email address. You have to know what the exact email address Please provide a pick list of available email addresses. Like you would if you wanted to send a private message.


See attached image of the email icon I am speaking of.

Front End Improvements

Custom Idea Summary for List View

When Ideas have


a) Attached Images

b) a lot of text


the formatting on the Idea Summary in the list view can get pretty bad. I would suggest adding an input field to the "Submit Idea" Popup letting the user add a custom Idea summary that is being displayed in the list view. When left empty the current behavior continues and the text from the main idea is displayed in the list view