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Moderation & Administration

Custom Badges

I know it's been brought up many times before, but I'd love to be able to give a few customized badges. As an example, we have an annual Innovation Awards ceremony where our leadership chooses five of the best ideas from across all of our campaigns. I'd love to be able to slap an "Innovation Award Winner" badge on those folks.

Moderation & Administration

Customize Stage Change Emails!

Stage change emails are fairly global. Since sometimes we want to communicate differently for each stage change (for example approved or not approved), would there be a way to carve out stage change emails from the single Language and Strings to be more customized within campaigns or stages?

Moderation & Administration

Add Idea Submitter to an email string

Add Idea Submitter to this string:*body*.begin


This string already contains the Title, but adding the Idea Submitter will help Moderators, Reviewers/Evaluators to know which person in their group submitted an idea within the body of the email instead of having to login to the system first.

Moderation & Administration

"Help the user improve this idea" option on idea approval emails

Currently, when new idea approval is turned on, a real-time notification goes out to moderators. There are two links in there: approve or reject. What if we added a third that said something like "Help this user improve this idea"? The link would keep the idea in pending, but it would provide an easy way for moderators to communicate what the user needs to change before the idea goes live. This seems like a more useful... more »

Moderation & Administration

Disable Username field in user profile

Do we really need a Username field when a Name field exists in user account? With a community with over 4k members we have experienced that everyone has their own logic in setting up the Name or Username and not always it is reflecting on the e-mail address. This makes the whole directory a bit messy.

Could there be a simple condition on what the Name field looks like (e.g. First name_Last name) and do not allow to generate... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign-Specific Languages & Strings

With variances in campaigns and the inability to modify the first two required fields in the submission form by campaign, the first two required fields are becoming obsolete, and could potentially make it more difficult and time-consuming to complete the form. I understand we can change the title/question for these two fields in the ‘languages and strings’, but they still have to apply community-wide. It would be great... more »

Moderation & Administration

Default label for "votes" should be "tally" or "net score"

It's really confusing to label the net tally "votes." Yes, this string can be edited, but doing so for every community is an inconvenience. It would be much better if the default string were "tally" or "net score". Even better would be to display the number of positive and negatives along with the net.

Moderation & Administration

Superuser tool to change all strings for common terms

There's a pretty common use case for our tool in which admins want to change commonly used terminology to something that more aligns with their vernacular. The current process involves us (or more likely, support) changing each string. Wouldn't it be great if we had a superuser tool that could change all strings of a commonly used word to something else? My suggestions, for starters:
vote(s)... more »