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Front End Improvements

Copy and Paste Images into Ideas and Comments

Our most recent campaigns have had to do with digital capabilities. In responses back to our participants it'd be easier if we were able to take a screenshot of what we're talking about and directly paste it in the comment or idea.

The people responding back to our users are busy employees (aren't we all) so making the process to respond back to our users easier and quicker would be incredibly beneficial.

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Moderation & Administration

Allow setting image focal points

It would be great if campaign administrators were able to select a focal point after uploading the Campaign banner image, so that when the image is auto aligned to the element / view port, the focal point is clearly visible.

I am attaching 4 images to assist with my explanation.

Preview 1 shows the chalk board with the duster and chalk clearly visible, as reflected in the campaign banner image library on the platform.... more »