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Front End Improvements

Allow Video (iframe) Embedding in 'Homepage'

The 'Homepage' Section under the Look&Feel is too restricted.

No Javascript is allowed and object and iframe tags are filtered for 'security reasons' (?!?!?!?!).

At least allow embedding of videos (youtube, vimeo) and images into the homepage header via object, iframe & img tags.

Custom CSS restriction in the SMB license is one thing but not even being allowed to add a simple image or video into the existing homepage... more »

Front End Improvements

Viewing attached images

Viewing an Image attached to an idea is in today's web standards -- clunky.


Clicking on the tiny textlink instead of the image thumbnail to enlarge the image should definitely be easy to fix by adding the link to the thumbnail.


Another thing is the jumping to a new page when the image is opened instead of having some basic java script image gallery type window.


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In Progress

Moderation & Administration

Allow setting image focal points

It would be great if campaign administrators were able to select a focal point after uploading the Campaign banner image, so that when the image is auto aligned to the element / view port, the focal point is clearly visible.

I am attaching 4 images to assist with my explanation.

Preview 1 shows the chalk board with the duster and chalk clearly visible, as reflected in the campaign banner image library on the platform.... more »

Front End Improvements

auto image resizing for company logo in header

I've noticed that images that are too large for the header area sometimes spill out of that area and are obscured by other page elements. An image resizer might work well for keeping the images within the height/width confines of the header.