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Front End Improvements

Better UX on advanced search ideas form

Current scenario of advanced search ideas form - I can't select multiple forms filed to search for an idea at a time. When I select a filed it automatically refreshes the page and gets the result for me. In each and every field select page automatically refreshes.
It would be better - Please check the Proposed Advanced search ideas image file. After selecting my desired form fields (without page refresh) I will click... more »


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Moderation & Administration

Add Filter Dates to Member Data Report trending idea Implemented

I'd like to see a filter date on the Member Data Report. At our organization we like to report back to leaders their team's activity in our community. Our community is over two years old now, so we are adjusting in a spreadsheet the ideas contributed by an employee each quarter. We would love to create a YTD report for this!

Front End Improvements

What's new - see what has happened since last login

Is it possible to implement a 'What's new' feature where people can see what has happened since their last login?

So they could immediatelly see on what ideas others voted, what has been commented etc. etc.

My clients are currently a bit confused because they don't really know what to do when coming to the plattform. Seeing stuff that is currently discussed, commented, voted on etc. would help them to find their way... more »

Front End Improvements

Display Similar Ideas Implemented

On the idea detail view, show similar ideas to the idea you're viewing. Kind like "Customers that bought this, also bought this". This helps with idea discovery and promotes other ideas.

Front End Improvements

Allow Sorting of Ideas by Vote (Yes, No, Not Yet Voted) Selected

I've been using IdeaScale for a conference's proposed sessions, but it's incredibly frustrating that each time I return to review the 400+ session ideas that I'm presented with "random" ideas I've already voted on.


Please allow for sorting of ideas by whether we've voted on them or not, or even how we voted, so that we can revisit.

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Front End Improvements

Emoji while typing ideas and/or comments

I really like feature putting emojis and other rich text formatting in ideas and comments. But how if we can show the actual emoji just after typing or selecting from the given search box while submitting/editing idea and comment


Let's say, I'm putting a ☀️ emoji here. (I know, as a viewer you can see the sun) but I cannot see before submitting my ideas and comments. We in fact can see Other rich text formatting before... more »

Moderation & Administration

Bring back old idea moderation features Implemented

I like that there have been some new changes to the dashboards, but now it's very hard to find ideas that have been flagged and that go into the "pending" stage. Before, it was very easy to tell which ideas had been flagged and why, whereas now the chat-looking dashboard shows all ideas that have had any changes and can't be filtered (which can be a challenge when you have 1000+ ideas in the community).

Moderation & Administration

Owner able to see all active ideas they own Implemented

Use case: an owner logs in and wants to 'work on' their uncompleted ideas. They check their profile or the 'my assignments' tab and filter by 'active'. All the ideas that require their attention are listed and they can begin to progress through them. Once an idea is completed and the status is changed to a 'final' status it is removed from the 'active' view, removing it from the owner's mind as it no longer requires their... more »

Front End Improvements

Community sidebar information on the mobile device

The community sidebar contains lots of useful information like - Social Web, Campaign Activity, etc. I can see this information on the desktop view but can't view it from the mobile device. So far I know, most of the users use mobile devices to browse ideas, even I also often browse from my mobile device to check new ideas. It'd be great if we can introduce all sidebar information on mobile devices.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderator/Admin allowed to modify Idea Ownership

Allow Moderator/Admin to modify Idea Ownership to other users. Sometimes ideas are sent to moderators/admins, rather than submitted via ideation site. Also, some idea owners have left the organization, and ideas need a new owner to champion the cause.